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Film & TV Studies MOVIE: A Journal of Film Criticism

MOVIE: A Journal of Film Criticism

Movie issue 11 cover: Candyman

In addition to our general call for articles and audiovisual essays, the journal is also inviting work for themed dossiers that respond to the following topics: (i) Audiovisual approaches and the archive; (ii) The politics of close analysis and its object. Learn more hereLink opens in a new window.

Movie: A Journal of Film Criticism is the successor to Movie, the print journal that was edited, designed and published by the late Ian A. Cameron from 1962 to 2000.

All rights in the original Movie are the property of Cameron & Hollis. Please see for more information and for details of back issue availability.

Issue 11

Access whole issue as one file here.



Pinning down Hou Hsiao-Hsien’s red balloon
Adam O’Brien

Realism and Oppenheimer: Notes on some Brechtian theses
Nigel Morris


Student Essays

The spaces of genre and power in Audition and Midsommar
Milo Farragher-Hanks


Michael Walker: 1942 - 2022

A Tribute to Michael Walker
The editorial board

Michael Walker bibliography
Compiled by Leighton Grist

Facsimile of ‘Melodrama and the American Cinema’ (1982)
Michael Walker


Audiovisual essays

Creative Geography, Creative Connections: Candyman
John Gibbs (author's statement)


The V. F. Perkins Dossier

Perkins, Gombrich and Criteria
Douglas Pye


Audiovisual Approaches and the Archive

Light Hands
Lily Ford (author's statement)



Richard Dyer on interpretation, aesthetics and textual analysis; a dialogue with James MacDowell
Richard Dyer & James MacDowell

A videographic piece inspired by one strand of this dialogue is available hereLink opens in a new window


Book Reviews

Christian Keathley and Robert B. Ray, All the President's Men
Dominic Lash



The Pop Song in Film
Ian Garwood

[Download as PDF or Epub]

A series of audiovisual essays to accompany The Pop Song in Film can be found hereLink opens in a new window


This issue coordinated by Ed Gallafent and John Gibbs, and designed by Natalie Tang.

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ISSN 2047-1661