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Research and Development

Warwick has made a name for itself as the foundry for cutting-edge, politically-charged theatre and successful Theatre Companies. We want to hold on to that reputation. In 2020 we launched our new Research and Development schemes. These schemes aim to support the development of new work from students and staff, as well as our alumni and the industry more broadly.

Oscar Sadler Furries


Tell Us Your Story

Are you part of our extended family of alumni from Theatre and Performance Studies at Warwick? If so, we're keen to hear from you. Theatre and Performance Studies at Warwick will be 50 years old in 2025. In anticipation of this very special Big Birthday we want to reconnect with you and to hear your story. We'd love you to tell us about your career post-Warwick. We'll then add it to our growing library of Alumni Case Studies.

Fiona Joseph Alumni


Giving Back

Our alumni often express a deep sense of pride in being Warwick graduates, and they're particularly proud to have been a part of the Theatre and Performance Studies community. It's of huge benefit to our current students when alumni offer to 'give back' to the department. Each year they run guest lectures, careers talks and studio-based workshops, or they join us for our annual Alumni Day. If you're keen to 'give back', we'd love to hear from you!

Nicole de Barra