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Giving Back

Our students benefit hugely from regular interaction with our alumni. If you did a Single or Joint Honours degree in Theatre and Performance Studies at Warwick, and you'd like to 'give back' to inspire the next generation of creative students, we'd love to hear from you.

No matter what your career path, there are multiple ways that you can get involved:

Guest Lectures and Workshops

If you're working in a role connected to theatre, performance and the creative industries, it may be that you'd like to offer a guest lecture or a practical workshop for our current students. This could be as part of the main delivery of the degree, if it relates to one of our current modules, or it could be offered to students as an extra-curricular activity. Please contact Dr Bobby Smith if you would like to offer a guest lecture or workshop.

Alumni Day and Careers Talks

Every year, Theatre and Performance Studies hosts an Alumni Day for its current students. The day comprises of careers talks and workshops delivered by alumni. This is followed by a networking evening with students at all levels of their degree. The day also includes a chance for you, as alumni, to hear about what's been happening in the department and to offer your views on planned course developments. Throughout the rest of the year we offer one-off careers talks to our students delivered by our alumni. All of these opportunities have included alumni who work in a wide range of sectors as we're keen to show the diverse range of careers that a degree in Theatre and Performance Studies can take you into! If you'd be happy to talk about your career post-Warwick, please do get in touch.

Open Days and Applicant Days

Over the last ten years arts subjects have seen a huge decline in student numbers at GCSE and A-Level as school's increasingly focus on STEM subjects. The consequence of this is that universities are seeing fewer students taking arts degrees. Fortunately, our student numbers remain healthy for the time being, and our alumni are partly to thank for this. Our alumni are our greatest advocates and it has been making a significant difference when you've joined us at Open Days and Applicant Days to talk about the impact that your degree has had on your future career. If you'd be willing to join us at future recruitment events, please contact Dr David Coates.

Make a Donation

Theatre and Performance Studies welcomes large and small philanthropic gifts to support a number of departmental initiatives and strategies. These include widening access to theatre at local schools and collaborating with diverse artists in the industry, bringing them into the department to work with our students. If you'd like to give directly to Theatre and Performance Studies and would like to discuss how your money could make a difference, we'd be keen to hear from you. Alternatively, you can make a donation automatically here. 

Alumni Activities beyond Theatre and Performance Studies

The Alumni Team offer numerous other opportunities for alumni to re-engage with Warwick. We're looking for Alumni Ambassadors, for mentors to work with Warwick Ventures and as part of our e-Mentoring scheme, and for organisations to offer internships to Warwick students. Find out more about the many other ways that you can get involved with us.

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