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Africa Writes

Pictured above: playwright Nia-Cerise, Africa Writes Co-ordinator Joanna Brown and playwright Lanaire Aderemi who ran workshops in Stoke Newington School in 2019.

Africa Writes collaboration


AWPN are collaborating with Africa Writes, part of Royal African Society, develop and share some contextual and creative ways for educators to begin exploring theatre from the African continent with students of various ages. In 2019, two final year students from Warwick University who are AWPN members, Lanaire Aderemi and Nia-Cerise Conteh, ran 5 workshops for Africa Writes with Stoke Newington schools’ years 7-9 students, which culminated in them performing two extracts from South African playwright Koleka Putuma’s play, Mbuzeni for a community evening, and as part of the African Writes annual event at the British Library. We continue to develop an educational toolkit for teachers and students who would like to engage in more detail with contemporary theatre from the African context in their curricula, connecting geographies, histories and literature studies in integrated ways.