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Lara Barzon



Supervisor: Milija Gluhovic

Co-supervisor: Aliosa Puzar (University of Ljubljana)




PhD student-founded by EUTOPIA co-tutelle PhD program. International PhD in Theatre and Performance Studies (University of Warwick) and Social Sciences and Cultural Studies (University of Ljubljana).

I come from a multidisciplinary path, both academic and practical. I am graduated in Visual and Performing Arts at IUAV University (Venice, Italy) and with honour in Music and Theatre at the Università degli studi di Torino, Italy. I also have a degree in Physical Theatre (Performing Art University Torino Philip Radice) and an high education in contemporary dance (Teatro Carlo Felice di Genova, Italy) and in curatorship for contemporary arts with a focus in Heritage, Culture, Community ( Bassano del Grappa, Italy). I work as performer, curator and theatre director, I am co-founder and director of the cultural association La Tasca Teatro (Italy) and Istmo Nomade project (Italy, Uruguay, Argentina) and artistic director of Spazio Liquido Torino - a space for contemporary creation. As researcher I collaborate with La Biennale di Venezia 2021, sectors Biennale Danza and Biennale Archivio.




Key words: decoloniality, contemporary dance, historical memory, national identity, cultural politics, dance practice

My research interest is culture decolonialism, with a focus in the active role that contemporary dance is taking in different parts of the world in the deconstruction of stereotypes and in the promotion of new cultural and political assets.

I aim to investigate the role of dance in triggering “decoloniality” policies, a term coined by the Peruvian sociologist Anibal Quijano to indicate the decolonization of the imaginary and the cultural dehierarchicization.