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Dr Jane Webb

Dr Jane Webb

Contact details

Email: Jane dot A dot Webb at warwick dot ac dot uk

Tel.: TBC
Room: R3.32 (Ramphal Building)

Discussion and Feedback Hours:

  • Tuesday 2-3 pm and Thursday 2-3 pm


Director of Education


Jane gained her PhD in 2004 in social history and material culture, having initially trained in art history and anthropology at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Jane is a passionate teacher and for over twenty years has taught material culture and creative thinking to designers, artists and art and design historians. She was Director of Studies at Manchester School of Art (Manchester Metropolitan University) for the Design Department and has come to us from her role as Deputy Head of Wolverhampton School of Art, University of Wolverhampton.


The process of visual and material practice form an important part of Jane’s research methodologies. She works with makers and making, archives, historical geographies and collections of dress and other objects to imaginatively explore individual histories of personal experience.


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  • 2016 “Red” in Steele, V. Bloomsbury Fashion Photographic Archive. Bloomsbury Online.
  • 2016 “Colour Walk” in Cocchiarella, F., Haley, D. and Vargas, V. R. (eds) Fruitful Futures: Imagining Pomona Gaia Project, Cornerhouse Publications, Manchester, p. 61.
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  • 2011 “The Essential Line: John Flaxman and Neoplatonism in early Nineteenth-century Manufactures” in Visual Rhetoric and the Eloquence of Design series ed. Prof. Leslie Atzmon. Parlour Press: Indiana, pp. 131-166.