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Previous event:
ESD and Placements

7th March, 4pm - 5pm, Ramphal R1.15

Sessions include:

  • Placements in the School of Life Sciences
    by Dr Samantha Wilson Thain, Assistant Professor in SLS, and Marion Patel, Placements Officer (SLS)

  • Placements in the School of Cross-Faculty Studies
    by Bodrun Nahar, Employability and Placement Manager (SCFS)

  • Placements Practitioner Toolkit and Sustainable Careers at Warwick
    by Jo Pearson, Senior Careers Consultant, Clare Halldron, Senior Careers Consultant, and Jo Ramsay, Project Officer (Placement Activity) (Student Opportunity).

Upcoming event:
ESD Competencies and Pedagogical Approaches

Thursday 13th June, 12 noon - 2pm, Social Sciences S0.18.

This session explores how educators integrate ESD competencies, such as critical thinking and systems thinking, into module design, and the impact this has on student learning in developing effective solutions for sustainable development challenges.

Speakers will share their pedagogical approaches and answer questions during the discussion.

Sessions TBC:

This event is open to all staff and students at the University of Warwick.
To register for this event, please click here.

Term One Event: ESD Catalyst Forum

22nd November, 4pm - 5:30pm, Social Sciences S0.11

At the ESD Catalyst Forum, colleagues showcased unique case studies of ESD at the University of Warwick.

The event featured the following speakers:

- Introduction by Professor Stephanie Panichelli-Batalla, Head of the School for Cross-Faculty Studies and Co-director of the ESD Network

- ESD at Warwick - Past, Present and Future
by Professor Gwen Van der Velden, former Deputy PVC (Education) and Professor Lorenzo Frigerio, PVC (Education)

- A recap on ESD
by Dr Jo Lee, Associate Professor in Italian Studies and Co-Director of the ESD Network

- Sustainable Education Development: Community Engagement and Social Justice
by Dr Tim White, Reader in Theatre and Performance Studies

- Engaging Students with ESD: a place-based approach and beyond
by Dr Lory Barile, Associate Professor in Economics

- Beyond Science - Cultivating Collaborative Minds for Sustainable Futures
by Dr Tom Ritchie, Assistant Professor in Chemistry and Co-director of the ESD Network and Chemistry student, Tor Riches.


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