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Research Seminar: 'Fraught and complex: the challenging sides of interdisciplinary teaching'

  • Wednesday 15 May 2024, 12:00-1:30 pm (UK time)
  • R2.41, Ramphal Building
  • All Warwick staff, students, and alumni are welcome to attend.

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With a focus on pedagogy and a workshop approach, this seminar offers interrelated presentations on what can arise when grappling first-hand with interdisciplinary themes and intersectional turns in university teaching. First, I will discuss important dissonances that emerged in my experiences of teaching ‘population’ at the postgraduate level, and how this provoked a range of student responses based on disciplinary considerations. Second, I will explore how building an undergraduate module encountered calls to prioritise new spaces for radical, cutting-edge, and intersectional frames – particularly if we seek more than a buzzword status for transformation and equity. Opportunities for audience input and dialogue will be built in across the seminar.


Dr Romain Chenet

Romain is the Director of Undergraduate Studies and Director of Undergraduate Admissions for the Global Sustainable Development department. He has a PhD in Sociology (completed in 2023), MAs in Social Research and International Politics, and has recently completed a study of post-2015 aid and development policies. His interests span development, sociology, and politics in exploring globality with poststructural (Foucauldian) analysis of discourse and other critical methods (Gramscian, etc.).


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