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Networks and Initiatives

Latin America at Warwick Network (LAWN)

The strong tradition of Latin American research at Warwick, which dates back nearly to the university’s founding, has built a strong collective of scholars here today focusing on the region. LAWN seeks to bring these scholars together, raising the profile of the modern and kinetic work taking place at Warwick, and creating a community surrounding that work.

Oral History Network

We are an interdisciplinary network engaged in theoretical and practical issues involved in interviewing for research. We offer a variety of academic seminars and workshops which are open to all, as well as guidance and support for people's oral history projects. Use this website to meet our members, find out about our events, and explore examples of the research being undertaken at Warwick and in the local community.

Africa Research Network

Newly established in 2019-20, this network aims to promote and raise the profile of research on or in Africa at Warwick. The network is founded on the recognition that, while there has been historically and is at present a good deal of excellent research on Africa going on at Warwick, it has often been scattered across departments, faculties, and disciplines. The network aims to be a hub for researchers with interests across the region, promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative work.