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Binley Project Booklet and Seminar

Project Booklet

The central output of the Binley project is a 16-page full-colour booklet showcasing some of the key themes and main findings from the project interviews.

The booklet was made possible through the award of Public Engagement funding by the University of Warwick, the tireless efforts of the project volunteers, and the creative flair of our designer Steve.

Printed copies are available from Warwickshire Wildlife Trust.

Project Seminar

On 1 December 2021, we held a seminar about the project at the University of Warwick. A recording of the session will be made available soon.

Picture showing the entrance gates to Claybrookes Marsh nature reserve. The gates are tall and made of metal, decorated with a pattern like spokes of a wheel and topped with the nature reserve's name. In the background you can see the nature reserve looking autumnal.

Image description: the entrance gates to the nature reserve on the former colliery site. The gates are tall and made of black metal, depicting a wheel-shape pattern and topped with the nature reserve's name, 'Claybrookes Marsh', named after two miners who died when a section of the colliery collapsed on them.

Some of the project volunteers on a visit to the former colliery site, taken here at the entrance to the Brandon Reach nature reserve. From left to right are: Kiera (3rd year UG, History), Daniel (Warwickshire Wildlife Trust), Pierre (Oral History Network administrator), and Dan (3rd year UG, History)

Image description: project volunteers on a site visit to the former colliery, October 2021, pictured here at the start of the Brandon Reach nature reserve run by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. From left to right: Kiera (3rd year UG, History), Daniel (WWT), Pierre (OHN administrative assistant), and Dan (3rd year UG, History).

Photo credits: Fu Ge Yang (3rd year UG, History)

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Collage showing various pages from the project booklet

Image description: collage-style photograph showing some pages of the booklet, including the timeline page and the front cover.