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Warwickshire Nature Reserves

Brandon Reach Credit Daniel Loveard

© Stephen Trotter

We are asking people living in Warwickshire to fill in a short questionnaire exploring people’s views on the 64 nature reserves managed by Warwickshire Wildlife Trust (WWT). WWT is one of the 46 UK Wildlife Trusts and manages an estate covering 1,000 hectares across Warwickshire, Coventry and Solihull and no one living or working in that area is more than 6 miles from one of the 64 nature reserves.

We are asking if you would kindly fill in this questionnaire which will take approximately 15 minutes of your time. By filling in this questionnaire you will be helping us to better understand the impact of Warwickshire Wildlife Trust nature reserves and their value as a place for people. Nature reserves are protected sites that provide space for both people and wildlife to thrive. Knowing the impact of such spaces on local communities helps us to understand how people feel about the sites, and their importance to local people

You can access the questionnaire here or you can copy and paste this link:

The survey will stay open until 14th March 2024