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Georgia Societies (62 societies)


Asbury Female Mite Society

Founded in Augusta in 1820 to raise money for Methodist clergy.

Augusta Benevolent Committee for the Care of the Poor, Sick and Homeless

In existence by 1841
See: Augusta City Directory, (Augusta, 1841)

Augusta Female Orphan Asylum

Founded in 1810, and incorporated in 1819 to care for female orphans. Supported 11 girls in 1823 in their own asylum.

See: 'Report of the Augusta Female Orphan Asylum' The Missionary 4 (1822-23) no. 50 & 13th Annual Report, Augusta Chronicle (Augusta, GA) Wednesday, May 14, 1823

Augusta Orphan Asylum

Founded 1852, endowed by Isaac S. Tuttle in 1855

Augusta Free School Society

Founded by men by 1823, incorporated Decemeber 25, 1831. Funded by a voluntary tax of $1, and by bequests
See: Augusta Chronicle Jan 9, 1823; 'Augusta Ga., Free School Society' Charleston Observer, 2 (1828), 66.

Augusta Poorhouse

In existance by 1850

Beneficial Society

Mutual aid society incorporated in 1830 to provide outdoor relief to sick members

Children's Hospital Association
Chinese Benevolent Association
Hibernian Benevolent Society


Needle Woman's Society

Female Employment Society in existence for several years before 1857 with over 100 female members in 1857

Ladies Working Society of the Presbyterian Church

In existence in 1829.


Hibernian Benevolent Society

Incorporated 1837

Ladies' Education and Benevolent Society

Incorporated in 1845 to manage an orphanage and provide education to orphans; poor. Based in Methodist Episcopal Church


Ladies Education Society

Incorporated in 1841 to provide assistance to female orphans

Mechanics Society

Incorporated in 1833

Macon Orphan Asylum

Founded in 1857

Muscogee County Asylum

Provides education to children, incorporated in 1847.

United Hebrew Society

Incorporated in 1857 to provide aid to Jewish families.


Bethesda College

Orphanage and school founded by George Whitefield in 1740. Incorporated in 1791, closed in 1808. Site taken over by Union Society in 1855

See:Gamble, 1902

Catholic Boys Orphanage

Founded by the Sisters of Mercy in 1855.

Chatham Academy

School founded in 1788. Mainly has paying pupils, but provides some free places.

See: Minutes of the Chatham Academy Commencing the 23rd February 1813 [Edward Clifford Anderson Papers SHC No. 3602 Vol.1]

Colored Maternal Society

Organised by white women - in existence in 1833

Dorcas Society

Voluntary society founded c.1816, to provide outdoor relief to the sick and the poor.
See: Adverts in Columbian Museum and Savannah Advertiser, January 3, 1818

Episcopal Orphan's Home

Orphanage founded 1844 and incorporated in 1854. Re-incorporated as Orphan's Home of Savannah in 1859. Provides indoor relief, employment, religious instruction and education. Funded by sales of products, subscriptions and endowments
See: Journal of the Proceedings of the 22nd annual convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Georgia. (Athens, Clayton & Print, 1844), 18.

Female Mite Society

In existence in 1820, managed by a board of female directresses.

See: Savannah Republican 12 April 1820

Female Seamens' Friend Society

Founded 1844 and incorporated in 1857 to provide a Sailor's home for visiting sailors. Closely linked to Savannah Port Society. Also funds a library, anti-alcohol campaigns, healthcare, and religious education. Income from boarding charges, fairs, and subscriptions.

See: Minutes, 1843-60 in Mrs Burroughs Papers, Duke University

Georgia Infirmary

Hospital founded in 1832 to provide healthcare for old and sick blacks (male and female), first such in the USA. Income from donations, fees for board and operations, road tolls, bequests, subscriptions, and interest

See: Minutes, 1833-1865 Georgia Historical Society

German Friendly Society

Mutual aid society founded and incorporated in 1837 to provide relief to German members and their families as well as to other German groups and institutions. Income from contributions to appeals, interest, and dividends.

See:Rev C A Linn, The History of the German Friendly Society of Savannah, Georgia, 1837-1937 (Savannah, 1937)

German Hebrew Ladies Society

Founded in Savannah before 1854
See: Minutes of Mickve Israel, August 17, 1854, Georgia Historical Society

Hebrew Benevolent Society

Founded by 1849 to provide assistance to jews.
See: Minutes of Mickve Israel, October, 10, 1849, Georgia Historical Society

Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society

Founded in Savannah in 1852, incorporated in 1854 as Ladies Hebrew Benevolent Society
See: Minutes of Mickve Israel, August 17, 1854, Georgia Historical Society

Hibernian Society

Founded in 1812 to assist poor Irish men, their dependents especially widows and orphans.

See: Arthur J O' Hara, Hibernian Society, Savannah, Georgia, 1812-1912: The story of a century (Savannah, Braid & Hutton, 1912); Robert H. Griffen, Anniversary Address before the Hibernian Society of Savannah (Savannah: Edward J. Purse, 1848)

House Carpenters Association

Founded in Savannah and incorporated in 1802.
See: The Republican and Savannah Evening Ledger December 10, 1811

Infant School Society

Founded in 1829 in Savannah

Irish Union Society

Voluntary society founded in 1847 to assist Irish famine victims

Ladies German Benevolent Society

Founded 1853 as female equivalent of the German Friendly Society, incorporated in 1856

See:Rev C A Linn, The History of the German Friendly Society of Savannah, Georgia, 1837-1937 (Savannah, 1937)

Massie School

School founded in 1855 to provide free education. Income from Massie Fund originally, later from the city council and dividends

Mechanics' Benevolent Society

Founded in 1844 and incorporated in 1845 to provide mutual aid to members and their families.

Needle Woman's Friend Society

Voluntary society founded in 1849 and incorporated in 1856 to provide employment to poor white seamstresses. Income from subscriptions, sale of product and interest. Last mentioned in the press in 1867.

See: Daily Georgian, March 7, 1849 1st Annual Report, Daily Georgian March 8-9, 1850, Daily Morning News Feb 25, 1861

St Andrew's Society

Founded 1750 to assist Scottish residents.
See: History of the St Andrew's Society of the city of Savannah (Savannah, Morning News Print, 1901)

St Vincent's Academy

Orphanage of the Sisters of our Lady of Mercy founded 1844 to assist Catholic boys and girls, incorporated in 1849

Savannah Benevolent Association

Voluntary society formed in 1854 as the Young Men's Benevolent Association to assist the sick, their dependents and the poor during epidemics. Income from subscriptions and dividends.

See: Minutes 1854-1928 in the Georgia Historical Society; The Savannah Benevolent Association (Savannah : The Morning News Print, 1896); Daily Morning News, September 12, 1854.

Savannah Benevolent Society

Founded in 1829 to provide financial aid to the Savannah Female Asylum and provide work for destitute women

Savannah Clothing and Fuel Society

Female society formed in 1838 to assist the local poor in Savannah and in the North with clothing and fuel. Income from subscriptions and donation.
See: 16th Annual Report The Georgian January 19, 1854

Savannah Female Asylum

Orphanage for young girls, founded 1801. Provides education, training, and healthcare. Binds out older girls to domestic service or to learn a trade. Income from dividends, interest, subscriptions, rents, church collections, charges for work, donations, and fund raising fairs.

See: Minutes, 1810-1843 in Georgia Historical Society. Click here for extracts.

Savannah Free School Society

School founded in 1816 to provide education to poor girls and boys. Income from subscription, collections, donations, charity sermons, taxation, rents, dividends and interest. See: Minutes 1816-1856 Georgia Historical Society. Click here for extracts.

Savannah Methodist Episcopal Ladies Working Society
Savannah Poorhouse and Hospital

Founded 1809 mainly to provide for the sick, especially visiting seamen. Funded by taxation, subscriptions, donations, customs, bonds, sales, fines, patients' fees, and bequests

See: Minutes 1836-76 in GDAH; some info in McKay-Stiles Papers Southern Historical Collection

Savannah Port Society

Voluntary society founded in 1843 to fund a Bethel church for visiting sailors.

See: Minutes, 1843-60, GHS. Click here for extracts. Sixth Annual Report of the Board of Managers of the Savannah Port Society. (Savannah, Edward J Purse, 1849)

Union Society

Voluntary society formed 1750. Bound out mainly boys to learn a trade once old enough; provided residential care to young orphans. Income from subscriptions, charity sermons, bequests, rents, gifts, guardians payments, interest, and farm produce sold.

See: Minutes of the Union Society (Savannah, 1860)

Widow's Society

Voluntary society founded 1822 to assist widows and destitute single females, incorporated in 1837. Provided indoor relief, healthcare and employment. Income from donations and subscriptions.
See: 38 vols of records in the Georgia Historical Society including Minutes from 1849, Treasurer's Records from 1830 and Visiting committee Records from 1859; The Georgian January 28, 1823.

Working Mens' Benevolent Association

Founded 1859


Benevolent Society Hospital

Founded in Albany

Hebrew Benevolent Society

Founded in 1860 in Atlanta to serve the German Jewish community.

Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society

Founded in Albany

Hibernian Benevolent Society of Atlanta

In existence in 1858

Juvenile Society of Medway

Founded before 1820 to assist other children, for example those in the Cherokee Nation.
See: Southern Evangelical Intelligencer 2 (1820-1821), 207. [September 23, 1820]

Ladies Union Benevolent Society

Founded in Atlanta in 1858

Milledgeville Mechanics Society

Mutual aid society founded in 1816 to provide members and their families with assistance

Mechanics Mutual Aid Association

Incorporated in Athens in 1837

Sunbury Academy

School founded 1822.

Sunbury Female Asylum

Orphanage for Girls incorporated 1819