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Savannah Female Asylum (founded 1801)

Location of Records: Georgia Historical Society, Savannah (filed as Savannah Home for Girls Records #692) Extent of Records: Manuscript Volume of Minutes of the Board 1810-1843; sketch of minutes after 1843, originals presumed lost; registers of children and of directresses.

Extracts from the Records

Rules of the Society

1st. This charity shall be confined, to poor, and destitute, Female orphan, and other equally distressed female children.

2. They shall be, all dressed alike, in a plain, and simple attire and encouraged when they behave well, by some token of the societys approbation.

3. They shall be placed under the care and instruction of capable discreet and virtuous woman [sic].

4. They shall be arraigned in classes according to their age, capacity or improvement.

5. The governess shall lead them every Lords Day to public worship and shall endeavor to impress their minds with a becoming sense of God and religion, and the great importance of a modest and virtuous behavior.

6. At a suitable age they shall be placed in good families until the age of eighteen years, except such as those of them as may be taught, millinary and mantua-making on some business of a similar kind,

7. In case of sickness among the children they shall be committed, to the care, of any gentleman of the faculty, who are willing to attend them gratis.

December 17, 1810

Board: Mrs Clay, 1st Directress

Mrs Noel, 2nd Directress

Mrs Smith Treasurer

Mrs Irvine Secretary

Mrs Wall

Mrs Evans

Mrs Stilles

Mrs Millen

Mrs Taylor

Mrs Williamson

Miss Stephens

Miss Hills

Miss Jones

Jan 21, 1811 The board, to a request of Mrs Achords to give her two children six months education, agreed to give, each of the, two quarters schooling.

Feb 20, 1811 Ordered that indentures be drawn up to bind Hannah Harb[l?]ock to Mrs Goldwire.

March 5, 1811 Mrs Helen Smith being appointed treasurer to the Savannah Female Asylum, I as her surety bind myself my heirs, executors and administrators, to the said asylum for the performance of the said treasurer, and the due investment of the monies that may be committed to her charge.
Signed U.Tobler Savannah February the 18, 1811 Witness Norman Wallace

April 24, 1811

Elizabeth Johnston bound to uncle John Johnston who has requested to take charge of her - if Mr Johnston does not wish, to have so mean a relation - bound to him - Mrs Clay had ordered the secretary to deliver up Elizabeth Johnston to her uncle taking his promis [sic] to do everything that is proper to be done, for the child who the asylum have placed under his protection.

May 7, 1811
Mrs Rogers and fifteen of the children attended divine service in the morning at the Presbyterian church and in the afternoon at the Baptist......

A motion was made by Mrs Clay, and agrees to by the Board that the Ladys of the board to pay to the secretary - at their monthly meetings - 12 1/2 cents or what ever is agreeable to them to be kept as a fund - for distributing, to any person, they may think fit objects of charity - the secretary to mention at every meeting the amount of this fund.....
April the 24 - the following children of the Female Asylum where [sic] baptized in the Presbyterian church by the Revd Mr Kollock. the Ladys of the board attended as sponsors. Ann Joy - Naomi Joy - Sarah Suares - Judith Suares - Elizabeth Norris - Ruth Norris - Hariot Greenwood - Eliza Williams - Mary Wright - Ann McCoulough..... Lot Letter T - belonging to the Savannah Female Asylum - rented to the following - Black People.

June 5, 1811 Application to the board from Mrs Willson, to place her daughter Julia Willson aged 5 years - under the care of the Savannah Female Asylum - agreed to be the board. Application to the board from Mrs Hewit, to place her daughter Elizabeth Cummins aged 6 years - under the care of the Savannah Female Asylum - agreed to be the board..... Part of Lot Letter T, rented to Mrs Noels black man John Dallen at three dollars a month from the 1 of May 1811..... Part of Asylum lot letter T rented to July a black man, but now in posession of John Dallen - belonging to Mrs Newel.

July 29, 1811 met on perculiar business Mrs Evans informed the board, that she had called them together, for the purpose of taking into consideration what was the most proper step to be taken, to recover the child Elizabeth Cummings - who had been taken away from the asylum house by her mother Mrs Hewit, that she refused to give her up. the board thought it advisable to take the opinion of Mr Lawson. Mrs Smith and Mrs Irvine appointed to wate on Mr Lawson and request his advice. Mr Lawson, had the politeness to wate on the board, who where [sic] then siting [sic] - the case was stated to him by Mrs Evans. Mr Lawson said he would take the case into consideration - and give the secretary instructions - how to proceed against Mrs Hewit mother of Elizabeth Cummings.

August 7, 1811 Mrs Evans mentioned, that there had been a warrant issued by Mr Pettybon, for taking Elizabeth Cummings from her mother Mrs Hewit, and delivering her to Mrs Rodgers, at the asylum house, which was done, on the 30 of July.

October 2, 1811 Mrs Norris applyed to the board, to have her two children Ruith and Eliza Norris given up to her, as she was now in a situation, to provide for them, her request was granted. The board have agreed to give Ruith and Eliza Norris quarters schooling.

Dec 2, 1811 Heriot Greenwood bound to John & Ann Cooper 

Dec 4, 1811
John Deveaux, slave of Mrs Mary Bullock, made offer to the Savannah Female Asylum, to sell to them a house, he had put up on the asylum lot, the price fixed by him, for the house, one hundred and forty dollars - the board agreed to the purchases of the house, on the following terms. John Deveaux to have the use of the house, paying ground rent to the asylum. The house to be considered as his until the purchase was actually made, by the Female Asylum.

Dec 14, 1811
Mrs Clay moved that the rent of the Asylum House should be always set apart, for the improvement and keeping of the Asylum House in repair - and for the purchase of a small house, on the asylum lot, belonging to Catherine Deveaux - a free woman of color - the board were unanimous in their oppinion [sic] that the rent should be appropriated to that use.

March 13,1812 Sermons requested to be preached at Baptist and Presbyterian church on 3/5/12 and at episcopal church 10/5/12 for benefit of Savannah Female Asylum.

May 6, 1812 Collection at above services $468.31 1/2 from Presbyterian, $117 from Baptist, and $115.45 1/4 from Episcopal Mrs Robertson, governess of the Female Asylum, attended the different churches - and sang suitable hymns.

Oct 7, 1812 A letter from Sarah Suares to her mother saying that her situation with Mrs Plumb was not agreeable, and from the letter, it appeared, that she had left Mrs Plumb. Mrs Noel authorized to write to Mrs Plumb and inform her that she was sorry to find that Sarah Suares had been permitted to leave her place.

Nov 4, 1812 The amount of charity fund $14.93 3/4 Deduct gave Mrs Johnson for a pore woman $2.12 1/2 Total: $12.81 1/4 Ordered that the secretary write to Mrs Plumb and request of her, to keep Sarah Suares strictly to her duty and not permit her, under any pretence whatever, to be absent from her place.

May 6, 1813 The committees of inspection reported that that [sic] they saw, most shameful neglect of the children - in every respect, with the exception of their diet - and request that Mrs Robertson the governess - should be called before the board, which was accordingly done. the directress then informed her that unles she altered her mode of conduct as Governess to the Female Asylum, that she must be displaced. Mrs Robertson then agreed to try and give satisfaction to the board, by her attention to their orders, in what regarded to the institution.

July 1, 1813 Mrs Savage requested the board, of the female asylum to receive Mary Wright (who had been bound to her, by the Female Asylum) back into the asylum - as she had behaved in a most improper manner to her - the board took Mrs Savages request in there serious consideration. Resolved that Mrs Savages request be not granted and that the secretary give to notice to Mrs Savage that it is against the rules of the society to receive back any child that had been bound out by them.

August 12, 1813 The reports of the comittees whe [sic] most unfavourable, the opinion of the board was that Mrs Robertson was unfit to take charge of the children, the secretary orderd to speak to Miss Rebecca Russel and know if she would take charge of the children of the Female Asylum as governess.

January 5, 1815 reports legacy from Mr Hills, but also $500 from subs

March 2, 1815 Mrs Dews paid to the sectry three dollars amount of money for work done by the children

June 1, 1815 Mr Robert Isaac presented the Female Asylum with one hundred dollars, as donation - and fifty dollars, stopped from a black man, who could give no account, of the manner he came in possession of the money.

August 3, 1815 Susan Hutchinson, had refused to be bound to Mrs Williams, she was then ordered back to the asylum, to remain there, until she could find a place the board could approve of for her; this she also refused to do when a warrant was ordered by the directress, to be taken out, to apprehend Susan Hutchinson, and bring her back to the asylum. This has proved ineffectual, the board think their duty to take every means in their powers to have her taken, and as they have some reason to think that she is in Savannah, they have appointed Mrs Susan Wall, to take every legal measure in her power, to have Susan Hutchingson taken, and brought back, at the expense of the Female Asylum. 

Board asks Mrs Dews, the governess, to discover which children are not baptised and get them done at IPC on 13th

October 5, 1815 Mrs Berniss, a poor widow, petitioned the board to take her two children into the Female Asylum, her petition was granted as there was a vacancy in the asylum for two children

February 1, 1816 Ordered that the children of the Female Asylum give over the practice of paying Mr Andrew Low, an annual visit at the New Year, unless he requests it to be done, as some of the members of the board thought it improper as Mr Low generally made the children a present at that time, and it was thought that it looked like craving Mr Lows charity asks Walter Cranston to preach charity sermon at Christchurch

April 4, 1816 Mary Taylor petitions for board to take a child, held over until sufficient funds

May 2, 1816 raises $470 from sermon at Christchurch

June 6, 1816 raises $638 from sermon at IPC; Baptist $90, Methodist $52

July 4, 1816 Mrs Russel gets Margaret Stephens bound to her

September 5, 1816 Mrs Russel returns Margaret Stephens as she had never been formally indentured to board, board cannot keep her and she was given up to her sister Mrs Armour.  Mrs Irvine moved that it be a law in the Female Asylum that no child be admitted until her indentures, are made out and signed agreed Ordered that the charity fund of the board be given up as the Dorcas Society render this fund unnecessary

May 1, 1817 children attending Sunday school, but being given too much to learn which distracts them from more useful studdys - SS teacher asked to limit work

August 19, 1817 The Directress mentioned that she had called a meeting of the board, to take in to consideration the petition of a poor woman, to have her children taken into the asylum - she being afflicted with fits - and nothing to support them, but the labor of her hands. Mrs Davies case being duly considered, it was unanimously agreed, that her situation is a most deplorable one, and her petition could not be rejected. Ordered that indentures be made binding Elizabeth and Patience Davies to the Female Asylum. Elizabeth Davies died at the asylum house on Sunday the [9th] of November.

Dec 4, 1817 Mrs Gibbons petitioned the board, to give up her children to her, her petition was not granted, as it was thought more to the advantage of the children to be under the protection of the female Asylum than of there [sic] mother.

Dec 15, 1817 Mr Penfield petition to the board, to admit Peggy Pendergrass aged 13 years into the asylum was read, stating that he wished to place her under the care of the asylum and he would pay her board and every other expense. This request being against the rules of the Institution, the question was put to the vote, for the question - Mrs Clay, Noel, Reid, Jackson, Williamson, Easley, and Miss Oliver and Miss Drysdale. Against the question - Mrs Irvine - whose disapprobation of the question did not proceed from want of feeling to the destitute, but with the firm assurance that it was for the good of the institution to reject it was a very bad precedent. Ordered that indentures be made, binding Peggy Pendergrass to the asylum. 

Jan 12, 1818 Mr Penfield requested that he may have the liberty of removing Margaret Pendergrass from the asylum when he wished it - Ordered that Mr Penfield shall remove the child from the asylum at his pleasure.

Feb 5, 1818 Mrs Gibbons refuses to return her child to the asylum.
Ordered that means be used to make Mrs Gibbons bring back (her child Rebekah) to the asylum.

April 24, 1818 Ordered that Mrs Irvine wait on Mrs Monrow and inform her that the board cannot continue Mary Ann Flynn any longer in her service, as they have every reason to think, that she is kept for the sole purpose of attending on her child, and never allowed to go to a place of worship.

May 20, 1818 Mrs Noel mentioned she had called a meeting of the board to take into consideration, the propriety of keeping the orphan child Rebekah Homes, in the asylum. The child was received into the asylum, from application made by Mrs McAlister, who said it was a destitute orphan, and under this impression it was admitted - after the board adjourned, some of the members of the board mentioned, that the child was brought to Savannah by Mrs Hall, sister to Mrs McAlister, and that they did not think it a destitute child, as it was then under the protection of one, who could provide for it, an that it would be depriving destitute children, of relief from the institution, if it was permitted to remain. The question was then put, shall the child remain in the asylum. For the question Mrs Noel, Reid, Wall and Miss Oliver, Against the question Mrs Easley, Bulloch, Lloyd, Irvine, Williamson, Miss Drysdale, Robertson. Mrs Wall Wall, Irvine, and Miss Drysdale, a committee to wate on Mrs McAlsiter and state the case to her, and inform her that the child, may remain in the asylum, provided Mrs McAlister pay the board of Rebekah Homes. Mrs McAlister agrees to pay the board of the child Rebekah Homes as long as she remains in the asylum. Mrs McAlister desires her name to be withdrawn, from the Savannah Female Asylum as one of its members.

Aug 5, 1818 Mrs Sanderlins appeared before the board with her child Sarah, who was bound to Mrs McLeod - she said that the child had been treated very ill, and that she would refer the ladys of the board to Mrs Cline and Miss McQueen who would testify, that the child had been improperly treated. Mrs Talyor and Miss Drysdale wated on Mrs Cline and Miss McQueen and stated Mrs Sanderlins complaints against Mrs McLeod for improper treatment of her child Sarah. When it appeared that there was no just cause of complaint against Mrs McLeod and the child Sarah Sanderlins ordered back to her service. Sarah Sanderlins was delivered to Mrs McLeod by Mrs Noel and Miss Drysdale.

Oct 1, 1818 Mrs Carr petioned [sic] the board of the Female Asylum to admit her two children, Adleine Carr aged 7 years, and Harriot Carr aged 6 years, into the asylum, as she was left a widow with six small children, without the means of support.

Dec 3, 1818 Ordered that Elizabeth Foley, do not attend at the free school, and that she be brought before the Board and be repremanded, for improper conduct.

December ? 1818 Mrs Taylor elected directress of SFA

January 1, 1819 still 259 subscribers nearly 20 years after foundation

May 5th 1819 At the above meeting Mrs Irvine being too much agitated made no minute of the business of the day.

At an extra meeting [date?] Mrs Noel handed in Mrs Irvines resignation

December 13, 1819
The first directress then laid the case of Julia Wilson before the board. Julia as been bound to a Mrs Nevil. Upon information that she had been cruelly whipt, the directresses thought themselves justified in taking her away. She returns to asylum even though normally against rules to have those back who have been bound out - the cruelty of the treatment which Julia received makes it incumbant upon them to take her again under their protection

February 3, 1820
board repremands The negligent conduct of Mary Shearman in regard to her work and dress

March 2, 1820
Ann Terry (who had lately been taken in to the asylum) was taken away by her mother. The directresses made use [of] every persuasion to induce her mother to leave her but to no effect

April 6, 1820
The directress mentioned the situation of Mary Ann Flynn, whose case had been brought before the board at the last meeting. Mary Ann Flynn had left Mrs Munro and placed herself under the protection of Mr Hutson.It now remained with the board to say whether they approved of Mary Ann Flynn being bound to Mrs Hutson. This was unanimously agreed to.

May 21, 1820
[SFA gets $520 from charity sermon at the Independent Presbyterian church]

September 7, 1820
The children were removed on the 30th August to the court house square that part of the city in which they lived being considered by the physicians as unhealthy Mrs Start, Mrs Taylor, Miss Oliver, Miss Demere and Miss Wayne still in city

December 16, 1820
Elections to the Board

Mrs Noel 1st Directress

Mrs Stiles 2nd Directress

Mrs Clay visiting member

Miss Brastow Treasurer

Mrs King Secretary

Mrs Early

Mrs Wall

Mrs Stark

Mrs Rd Habersham

Mrs James Wayne

Miss Oliver

Miss Telfair

Miss Bulloch

Miss Wayne

Mrs Hunter

Dec 6, 1821
Mrs Mulrynes application for her daughter Sarah Davis was refused.

April 4, 1822
Mrs Mulryne again petitioned for leave to take her daughter Sarah Davis under her own protection but her petition was unanimously rejected.

Nov 14, 1822
Mrs Stiles mentioned that she had received a petition from Mrs Mulryne entreating that she might take her child Sarah Davies under her own protection and she would promise, by her future good conduct and example to deserve the charge entrusted to her. Resolved that she be permitted to take the child on condition that she sign a bond authorising the directresses to take the child back if they hear any thing prejudicial to the future welfare of the child.

Mrs Worral applied for one of the children. Resolved that she be allowed to choose one.

Jan 2, 1823
Mrs Harrison complained to the Board that Mrs Sears had whippd and otherways ill treated her child and that she would wish to take her out of the asylum. Two witnesses were called in who had the opportunities of seeing how the children were treated who proved to the board that Mrs Harrison?s charges were incorrect. Mrs H was allowed to take her child from the asylum as her health enabled her now to support the child herself.

May 1, 1823
Mrs Stiles informed the board that Mrs Saunders having married Mr McKee applied to the directress for leave to take her children Frances & Rebecca under protection as she was going up the country and as she was to go to soon to have a meeting called she was permitted to take them.

July 29, 1823
the directress informed the board that Elizabeth Thrower had left the asylum and gone to her mother and that they had called a meeting to consult with the members whether they should apply to a magistrate to take the child as her mother would not give her up and she appeared to be very poor and unable to support the girl having several children besides - the widows society having to contribute also to her support. Resolved, that application be made to a magistrate for a warrant to compel the child to come back to the asylum.

August 7, 1823
Mr Gill applied to have one of his children taken into the asylum and as he is very poor and has a large family it was resolved that one be admitted if the state of the funds would authorize any addition to their present number.....

As Elizabeth Thrower?s indentures could not be found, no legal measures could be adopted to oblige her to return to the asylum until the board could hear from Mrs Anderson (who placed her in this institution and who probably has the indentures) but it was resolved that Mrs Read & Mrs Hunter again request her mother to resign her.

August 12, 1823
...the directress informed the board that a meeting had been called for the purpose of consulting with them whether E. Thrower should be permitted to return to her mother. She had been sent back to the asylum a few day [sic] previous. Resolved that her mother be permitted to have her. The ladies consented as Mrs T said E was old enough to assist in her work and should they withhold their consent E might be induced again clandestinely to leave the asylum as she wished to be with her mother.....

It was resolved to admit Mr Gills youngest daughter into the asylum in the place of E Thrower, and also to take his eldest if on enquiry she is not as vicious as had been represented as in that case she would be setting a bad example to the other children, but it was their wish to admit and reform her if she is not too old to be received.

Sept 4, 1823
The board were informed that Eleanor Gill had been placed in the asylum on trial for a short time and that as her conduct had proved satisfactory, it was resolved to admit her.

Oct 9, 1823
the board were informed that Mrs West had sent Martha Shearman to live with Mrs Melhards, and as Mrs M had ill treated Sarah Patterson whom Mrs Densler had placed with her it was considered by the board an improper place for her. Mrs Wall & Mrs Read resolved to call on Mrs West to endeavor to get her to take Martha again as it was against the rules of the institution to admit any child into the asylum that had been bound out - and they did not wish her to remain with Mrs Melhard. [Mrs West takes her back 6/11/23]

Jan 2, 1824
The board were informed that Mrs Payling had placed Ann Decker in another family as Mrs P found it impossible to manage her.

Feb 9, 1824
Mrs Lloyd & Mis Wallace reported that A. Decker was in a very good family - and they were directed to inform her that she was now of age & was released from their direction.

Dec 6, 1824
Mrs Noel informed the board that Mrs Loper had asked permission to take her child Missouri as she was going into the country and was now able to support her. No objection being made, resolved that she be allowed to take her.

Jan 6, 1825
Mrs Noel informed the board that Mrs Loper was at times deranged and therefore incapable of taking charge of her daughter. Missouri had accordingly been sent back to the asylum.

April 7, 1825
Mrs Atkinson made application to take her child from the asylum - but the ladies knowing her character to be very bad it was unanimously resolved not to give up her child to her.

May 6, 1825
The board were informed that Mrs Atkinson had clandestinely taken away her child Diana Kirkling but that a warrant had been issued to reclaim her and that she had been brought back to the asylum.

Dec 1, 1825
On a motion by Mrs Richardson, that it being found by experience that the children derived no actual benefit by being bound out in families, and so much trouble arising there from. It was resolved unanimously to keep the children in the asylum & limit themselves to such a number as their funds would conveniently support & until they were old enough to support themselves. More particularly at this periodwhen they were about adopting the plan of instructing the children in spinning and weaving, wher [sic] their services would be turned to more account by being kept in the asylum, learning the habits of regular industry, and thereby saving to the institution the expense of purchasing stocking, thread, frocks &c, &c.

Dec 14, 1825
Mrs Richardson sent to the asylum two spinning wheels. The repairs done by Mr Taylor the cabinet maker without charge.

June 1, 1826
the petition of Mrs Sheaver, (grand mother) and Mrs Kapp ( aunt) to take out of the institution Catherine Tresper was unanimously agreed to, under the following restriction. That should it hereafter appear to the directress that this child is not properly brought up, they retain the power to demand her return to the asylum.

Jan 2, 1827
In consequence of a letter received by Mrs Read from Mr Child the step father of Eliza Cruise threatening to apply to the law for the purpose of taking the above named child from the institution where she had been placed by her mother. An extra meeting was called to investigate the propriety of giving her up to her mother, when it was unanimously agreed and resolved, that in consideration of the general character of the mother of Eliza Cruise, we considered ourselves under a moral obligation not to give up this child to her direction. Therefore answer whatever was sent the aforesaid step-father.....

Mrs Keepers petition for her daughter Caroline Bexly to take her from the asylum, as she had it in her power now, to provide for her, was unanimously agreed to.

Feb 1, 1827
Contrary to our expectations the board was informed the Mrs MacGarvey would continue one year longer to preside over the institution as house keeper at the salary of three hundred dollars per ann, & to teach the children for the year @ fifty dollars, making the sum total to be paid for her services $350. The board agreed also to allow her for the services of a negro woman two & a half dollars pr month. This woman to assist the children to cook & wash such articles as may be too large for their strength.

[goes on to detail the daily diet of children, homany or mush made of corn meal, or corn bread for their breakfast with molasses, the same for their supper & one dish of meat or soup for their dinner, with rice potatoes &c, &c., no coffee or tea to be allowed them at any time unless ordered in sickness.]

July 9, 1827
A an extra meeting of the directresses & trustees for the purpose of receiving Mary Ann Baldwin who was returned to the society by Mrs Smith & to have the voice of this board respecting her being bound to a Mrs Turner wife to a carpenter, after enquiring into the character of Turner it was resolve unanimously that the girl should not be given to them.....

The ladies took into consideration the complaint of the matron on the impertinent conduct of two of the children, Amelia Butler & Diana Kirkland, they were called before the board and desired to express sorrow for their past conduct & to ask pardon of the matron, which they refused to do. The Matron was then directed to put them in solitary confinement & feed them on bread & water until they expressed sorrow for their past conduct and promised better behavior. Amelia Butler then asked pardon, but Diana for her obstinacy was locked up.

Dec 5, 1827
Mrs Loper applied for her daughter Missouri to be placed with Mrs Jones the mantuamaker, her request was complied with provided Mrs J would receive her as an apprentice.

Jan 3, 1828
concluded to hire a woman to cut & fix the childrens frocks.

March 6, 1828
Mrs Cooper complained of the conduct of the large girls, particularly Nelly Gill, Diana Kirkland & Selina Smith, their conduct was represented so highly improper that the board conceived it their duty to reprove them in the presence of the matron, when they presented her with a whip with directions to use it, whenever their conduct made it necessary. With feelings of deep regret was this measure adopted....

Resolved to turn Nelly Gill from the asylum unless she obeys Mrs Cooper.

Sept 4, 1828
Mrs Howard reported that Nelly Gill had left the asylum during the month of august - where she had been hired as a servant.

Oct 2, 1828
Information was laid before the board that during the last summer one of the children (Mary Corneil) a destitute child who threw herself on the bounty of this institution in the year 1825 - had been inticed away by a Mrs Johnson & her daughter Diana Kirkland - abandoned women living in the neighborhood of the asylum. This extra meeting of the board was called for the purpose of adopting such measures as seemed best in the judgement of this board, for effectually putting a stop to such infamous conduct, when it was resolved to consult a gentleman of the bar - as to the proper measures to be pursued. Mrs Read & Mrs Howard our directresses, were instructed to adopt every measure consistant with his advice to bring these women to punishment.

Dec 4, 1828
Mrs McGarveys application for Eliza Tullis rejected as the uniform good conduct of this girl & her sister was such, as to render it an object to retain them in the institution on account of their example.

December 20, 1828
Elections to Board

Mrs Read 1st Directress

Mrs Howard 2nd Directress

Mrs Coe Treasurer

Mrs Richardson Secretary

Mrs Bulloch

Mirs Neufville

Mrs Baggs

Miss Howard

Miss Barrou

Mrs Anderson

Mrs Winn

Mrs Loyd

Miss Maxwell

Miss Johnson

April 2, 1829
Mrs Howard also reported that Eliza Tullis was of age and at liberty to leave the asylum, where it was desirable she should remain, on account of her excellent example and useful services, and proposed, that a compensation be allowed her, as an inducement, which was consented to & it was voted that three dollars per month be paid her.

May 7, 1829
[board decides to hold a fair to raise money advertises in the Georgian]

to call on the Ladies of Savannah, for assistance in making up such fancy articles as their different tastes may dictate so as to enable them to have a fair on the 17th December next.....

The liberal support they received at their first attempt has been inducement sufficient to tempt the directresses to make this resolution - and they flatter themselves that they will again meet the assistance of a generous and humane community.

July 2, 1829
In consequence of the illness of Polly Wilson one of the children belonging to this institution, & the deranged sate of her mind, inducing her to wander from the asylum & giving much trouble & anxiety to the matron. It was proposed to board her in the country, & unanimously agreed to, that Mrs Coe should endeavor to fix her in some good family where the child would be tended to & taken care of & a provision allowed for her support. Fifty dollars was therefore thought a competant sum, and voted accordingly. She is now boarding with Mrs Jesse Patterson on New River in the state of So.Carolina at $50 per ann.

Oct 8, 1830
The first directress called the attention of the board to the application of Nelly Gill for one years wages said to be due her. This demand was made by Wm Chadourn - justice - as there was no agreement on record - the ladies could only reply to the best of their recollection - that Nelly Gill had been retained with the view of its being a safe home & to save her from ruin - her clothing & food was offered her, with the promise of an additional suit if she behaved herself well - this she forfeited by her bad conduct.

January 5, 1831
[Dr G Dupree of Glynn Co offers to take one child, SFA invites him to take his choice of one of the children]

March 3, 1831
[accepts Mary Ann Campbell, a fatherless child, her mother not being able to support her]

July 7, 1831
[board rejects off of Mr Hoff of Pennsylvannia for two children, because the rules of the society prevented their consenting to send the girls beyond the control of the directresses]

October ? 1831
the mother of Sarah McCall made application to take her daughter from the institution - refused until information could be procured respecting the mothers character & circumstance

[Mrs Taylor get a child admitted

Eliza Tullis (former pupil) getting married, ladies give a tea set as present]

December 1, 1831
[Ann Tullis still at asylum get to go to wedding in the country]

February 7, 1833
[application to send a child to Connecticut cheerfully accepted cf 7/7/31]

August 1, 1833
Mrs Fell applied for a situation for a soldiers child, six years old

September 5, 1833
The child a situation applied for by Mrs Fell, was prevented from coming into the asylum by her mother who was reluctant to part with her

February 1834
[board requests that Judge Nicol tries to secure money from Lucene bequest, if possible - perhaps bad investment/loan]

March 6, 1834
[Mrs William Stiles returns Martha Battles to SFA in consequence of bad conduct]

May 1, 1834
Mr Fisher applied to have his two daughters taken into the asylum. His wife being an improper character he wished to remove them beyond her control. As it would be impossible to prevent her from having intercourse with her children & as her example and precept would be an injury perhaps to the other children in the institution as well as her own, it was resolved that they could not be received

June 5, 1834
[SFA purchases Planters bank stock

Received from Mrs Anderson stopped from a negro $50]

July 3, 1834
application from Mrs Stiles to take Jane Wilson refused as she is essentially necessary andif they gave her up they would be compelled to hire a servant in her place. They regret much to be obliged to refuse so good a situation for her

July 21, 1834
[Ellen Fryer runs away, board to track her down, but to refuse to accept her again as she has history of bad conduct]

August 7, 1834
[Ellen Fryer returns and bound out to Mr Greiner of Buloch co. 

Mrs Lee applies to aslyum to take her children which they do as long as she is willing to give them up altogether, she agrees, 4/8/34]

December 4, 1834
the board were informed that Mrs Lee had behaved in the most shameful and insulting manner to Mrs Cooper and wished to take her children from the asylum and Mrs Cooper representing to the board that she could not submit to a repetition of such conduct and the board not wishing to lose the services of so good a matron, resolved that Mrs Lee be allowed to take her children from the asylum.

February 5, 1835
[Jane Wilson?s time up , she wished to stay and is paid $3 month for her services, 

note that now about 110 subscribers, (sub money of $330)]

August 5, 1835
[Mrs Gale gets her daugher back being enabled to afford her a comfortable home and maintenance]

February 4, 1836
[another application for Jane Wilson, board ups her pay to $5 per month to keep her]

April 7, 1836
[Martha Battles comes back from Bulloch Co, ladies resolve to send her back to the country where she would have less temptation to err than in town , and prevent her communication with these children]

October 6, 1836
[application for two children refused as they were both considered too useful to the asylum to be placed out]

March 1, 1837
[rules and regulations for matron

$425 salary, plus $60 for a servant

children never to be left alone in evening; 

children never to be sent on errands unless on asylum business

matron/servant to do shopping]

September 18, 1837
[agree to accept, Mary Ryan 8 or 9yr old, destitute picked up in Yamacraw by a negro woman]

April 5, 1838

8. Girls prohibited from visiting relative without permission of board

10 family worship to be held every evening

12 children attend churches en masses in rotation on sun afternoons, their own church Sunday school in morning

13 winter: rise at 6am, breakfast 8, dinner 1, tea 6; summer rise 5, breakfast 7, dinner 1, tea 7

14 school hours 9-12 and 3-5 every week day

15 girls washed once per week

24 weekly walks

25 no indulgence shall be granted to the larger girls above what it allowed the younger ones

26 bed time 7-8pm for youngest, 9pm for oldest

27 garden work every day

February 7, 1839
[arrangements for new orphan house building; Mrs Anderson says six gentlemen should be allowed to join with the board and to inspect the work daily. Mrs Richardson objected to this motion stating that the committee would be sufficient and intended to consult one or more gentlemen as to price etc eventually four gents to be consulted]

September 5, 1839, 
[gives Jane Denny to her aunt, if on enquiry, the aunts general character would authorise the measure]

February 6, 1840
[fatherless child admitted on condition that the mother should relinquish all claims to it (5/3/40 goes to SFSS instead)

agree to take 25-30 children from Augusta following an epidemic, only if Aug CC pays $100 per child for 1st year and $75 after that and takes them back at 18. If quarterly payments not made in advance then children go back. 5/3/40 note from Aug results in project being dropped]

April 13, 1840
[Mr Low?s gift of white cotton dresses causes dilemma, eventually accepted but not given to children as it might give them a taste for dress which the board deem it proper to discourage]

June 4, 1840
[take two children on condition that mother give them up to SFA] and that she shall bind them to it and that upon no occasion shall she be allowed to visit them at the asylum or that they be permitted to go to see her, except in case of her extreme illness certified by a physician. The board being aware that her character and examples are such as to render these precautions necessary [2/7/40 mother refuses these conditions]

July 16, 1840
[turn down offer from Mr Hogg to teach from 5-7 in evening as it would infringe on the children?s play hours]

August 6, 1840
[reports donation of $56 from Catholic church including a donation of one dollar from Clarette a colored woman who was prevented form attending church on the day of collection by indisposition.

Mrs Greens child refused admittance cos only 3 and not weaned]

September 3, 1840
accept Alice Gordon whose mother was in a destitute situation and very desirous of binding her child to the asylum

Mrs Green attends in person with her child exceedingly desirous that she be received forthwith refused on account of age and sickness in asylum

October 1, 1840
Charity Green (Kelly) admitted in consequence of her mothers inability any longer to take care of her

December 1, 1840
[receive a German child mother dead,] whose father is in the habit of locking up his child when out at work himself, [father has to relinquish all claim]

March 4, 1841
The father of Alice [Gordon] presented himself at the asylum & demanded his child his request was refused and after some deliberation it was determined that Alice should be delivered into the hands of her mother from whom she had been received.

April 8, 1841
[decline offer of oratorio performance by the Singing Society, saying money should be given to the Widows Society, which was very needy at the present time]

July 21, 1841
[Anna Maria Jones?s mother very anxious to bind her to SFA but 5/8/41 refuses when she hears conditions]

September 2, 1841
[children of Anthony Lewis admitted even though too old as they have no care during their fathers absence at work]

October 5, 1841
[due to a report in circulation that the children of this institution are literally starved they inform public that $93 was spent on food in the last month

duties of older girls include: care of sick room, washing/ironing, kitchen and dining room, back room, first room, painted room, staircase, school room, yard.Ie mainly cleaning]

February 3, 1842
[legacy from Mr J Wallace of $7,640]

March 3, 1842
[resolve to hold refreshment fair for fund-raising purposes]

October 6, 1842
[Mrs Danson asks daughter back claiming she can support her, as she never signed the indentures and just left her, ie board cannot keep her by legal force]

November 3, 1842, 
[says Mrs Danson never came for daughter]

Dec 1847
[Mr Sheftall (of SFSS) doing some teaching for $50 per qtr]

Oct 1854 
[Reports that 17 children and matron ill with yellow fever and two children died, but no real mention of epidemic in the minutes. Bishop Elliot, Dr Bulloch and the Benevolent Association all very kind]

Dec 1854
[Gave Mrs Bell (matron) a silver cup and Dr Bulloch a silver goblet in recognition of devotion and care of children presumably during YF epidemic.]

Apr 1855
[Ann Catherine Ward admitted walked in from Dr Screvens plantation 11 yr old]

Feb 1857
[Caroline Williams, formerly at the asylum, asked that she be assisted while attending the Massie School to be a teacher given $8 July 57]

July 1858
[Katherine Burke asked to re-enter the asylum as she had lost her place with Mrs Wall]

Nov 1858
[Miss Brown, teacher, dies during epidemic]

Dec 1858
[Mrs A L Read 1st Dir dies perhaps of YF]

Lists of directresses and office holders
1st Directress

Mrs Elizabeth Smith 1801-10

Mrs Ann Clay 1810-12; 1814-20

Mrs John Y Noel 1813; 1821-1826

Mrs A L Read 1827; 1842-1857

Mrs G W Anderson 1858-1865

2nd Directress

Mrs John Y Noel 1810-12; 1814-20

Mrs Henry Kollock 1813

Mrs Stiles 1821-1823

Mrs A L Read, 1824-6

Mrs C Howard 1827-1829

Mrs G W Anderson 1830-1857

Mrs Champion 1858-1865


Mrs Jane Smith 1802

Mrs Sarah Lamb 1802-10

Mrs Eliza Irvine 1811-19

Mrs Margaret King 1820-21

Mrs JF Lloyd 1822-1825, 1835-37

Mrs Martha Richardson 1826-34, 1838-9

Mrs Solomon Cohen 1839-1863


Mrs Margaret Hunter 1801-02

Mrs Hannah McAllister, 1803

Mrs Helen Smith 1810-12

Mrs Arnold 1813

Mrs Sarah Lamb 1814-16

Mrs Jackson 1815

Mrs Early 1817-1819

Mrs Braston 1820-21

Mrs Winter 1822-23

Mrs G W Coe 1824-1832

Miss Isabella Barron 1832-1865

History of SFA By Mrs B F Bullard (typescript, 1924)

quotes refusal of SFA to benefit from a performance in 1803 as it was very unfriendly to religion . . .they more generlaly are the means of encouragement of vice and dissipation than to good morals. Disapprove of Saturday night performances when a congregation (unnamed) was meeting