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Hiring students

Instructions for staff

Give our students valuable work experience in web design, video making, podcasting and other skills. In return, you can benefit from their skills and the additional student perspective on your designs.


  1. You will need to arrange and manage contracts and work yourself (the DSEP team cannot do this for you).
  2. Provide a clear and achievable brief, with a good estimate of the amount of time required.
  3. Ensure that the students have considered the impact on their academic work, and that they will not feel stressed about their commitments.
  4. Ensure that the students can contact you for further information and advice as they need it.
  5. Use Unitemps to pay the students a sensible rate for their work.
  6. Ensure that the students know the support procedures and contacts outlined in this website.

We are developing a Teams channel in which students can advertise themselves, and employers can advertise work. Use this to find students with suitable skills and experience. Students who advertise themselves in this space are responsible for keeping their information up to date, and removing it if they are no longer available.

Instructions for students

We cannot guarantee the availability of work. It tends to vary through the year and with funding as it becomes available.

Join the Teams channel and register your availability in the spreadsheet. You could also post a message in that channel to give a brief overview of who you are, skills and experience, and your availability. Please note that we cannot update your data for you, so you must look after it yourself.