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Academic Development Programme

The Academic Development Centre offers a range of opportunities for continuing professional development for staff who teach or support learning:

The Academic Development Programme is a series of workshops focused on issues in teaching and learning. The Programme offers content for staff at every stage of their career. Workshops cover core concepts in teaching and learning, advanced/innovative teaching techniques, curriculum design, and more.

Term 1 - 2020 Microsoft Teams - Wikipedia

Workshops and Workshop Leaders



Microsoft Teams: Beyond the Basics Part II

Dr. Robert O'Toole, Senior Academic Technologist

  Photograph of Robert O'Toole Wed 26th Aug 2020 3.30pm - 5pm
WATE 101: Everything you need to know about the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence

Dr. William Rupp, Senior Teaching Fellow, ADC

  Wed 16th Sept 2020 4pm - 5pm
Teaching Philosophies: Philosophy of Education

Dr. Peter Fossey, Senior Teaching Fellow, ADC

  Photograph of Dr. Peter Fossey  Wed 23rd Sept 2020 4pm - 5pm
What can schools teach universities?: Best Practice from English Secondary Schools

Oliver Turner, Teaching Fellow, ADC

  Wed 21st Oct 2020 4pm - 5pm
The Academic Literacy of New Arrivals
Amy Stickels, Senior Teaching Fellow, Warwick Foundation Studies
  Photograph of Amy Stickels Wed 28th Oct 2020 4pm - 5pm
Education and New Digital Technologies

Ed Greig, Chief Disruptor, Deloitte Digital

  Tue 10th Nov 2020 1pm - 2pm
Audio Feedback
Will Haywood, Senior Teaching Fellow, Centre for Teacher Education
  Photograph of Will Haywood Thu 12th Nov 2020 4pm - 5pm
Efficient and Effective Feedback

Dr. Peter Fossey, Senior Academic Developer, ADC

  Photograph of Dr. Peter Fossey Tue 17th Nov 2020 3pm - 4pm
Fostering Democratic Learning Spaces

Rachel Dickinson, Associate Professor, WBS

  Photograph of Rachel Dickinson Wed 25th Nov 2020 4pm - 5pm
Avoiding Death by PowerPoint 

Dot Powell, Director of Teaching and Learning Enhancement, WBS

  Photograph of Dot Powell Wed 2nd Dec 2020 3pm - 4pm

Propose a workshop for the Academic Development Programme

Is there an element of teaching and learning where you or your colleagues would like more support? Or an area of teaching and learning, higher education or pedagogy you would like to explore further? Or is there an aspect of your own practice you would like to share with colleagues across the university? If so, then please click the link above to get in touch, make a suggestion and discuss your ideas

Online Workshops - Format and Joining Instructions


For Term 1 and Term 2 (2020/21), ADP workshops will be taking place online rather than face to face; and the format has changed accordingly.

Joining Instructions

We will be using Microsoft Teams to run the workshops. Please use this link to request to join the ADP Team.

Within the ADP team, there will be a channel for each session, with the workshop name and date in the title. Please check the correct channel for your session. Under the Posts tab, you will find a greeting message and (in most cases) some questions. Under the Files tab, you will find resources to work through before the meeting.

Check the channel at or just before the workshop start time. The facilitator will be monitoring the channel, so feel free to post and introduce yourself, or ask questions. A Meet Now call will be opened at the time the workshop is scheduled to start; please join it.

Note for APP PGR students

Online ADP workshops do count towards your CPD requirement. A register will not be taken; so long as you are present in the main video call for the meeting, your attendance will be recorded.

Contact us

If you would like to know more about our teaching practice support provision, please contact the ADC team on

Academic Development Centre Feedback and Complaints Process.