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PGA Curriculum Development in Higher Education

Re-imagine curriculum design

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Welcome to the PGA CDHE

PGA CDHE is a blended 30-credit level 7 course open to Warwick teaching staff with curriculum design remit. The course consists of one core module and lasts 52 weeks, however, the core teaching instruction is delivered within the first 26 weeks with the remainder of the time dedicated to self study and individual work on summative assessment.

Its main aim is to offer staff opportunities to support student success through development of expertise in fit-for-purpose theory and evidence-informed curriculum design.


About the course

The learning on the course is rooted in the understanding of curriculum design as a social practice, where particular knowledges, beliefs, norms and values are validated or constrained, and transmitted within, across, and beyond constantly changing higher education contexts. Critical awareness of the principles underpinning different curriculum design approaches is, therefore, crucial, because it enables an informed design decision-making process and, ultimately, an effective design which supports student success. This programme, by enabling staff to individually and collaboratively learn about, discuss, and critique higher education curriculum design theories and practices, facilitates fit-for-purpose curriculum design, contributing to not only staff professional development, but also to disciplinary, interdisciplinary, departmental, and institutional priorities. 

The course is designed to be adaptable to the participants' needs. Because the learners spend most of their time working on a design project, they can decide what kinds of pedagogy, learning theory, and design know-how they want to employ. The teaching is intended to support this, whether the learners are starting with foundational concepts like constructive alignment and active learning, or want to refine and specialise their design work, and develop an individual perspective on design for education.

PGA CDHE starts with critical discussions around curriculum design theory and practice, and the purpose of curriculum within and beyond participants' disciplinary and departmental contexts. This is followed by individual and collaborative step-by-step curriculum design, ending with a critique and reflection on own and peers' designs.

Learning is assessed through two assignments, Curriculum Design Portfolio and Peer Dialogue, and the course offers ongoing opportunities for formative peer and tutor feedback on both prior to summative submissions.


Further information

Further information on the course is available in the Module Catalogue (AT911-30).Link opens in a new window


The 23/24 programme is currently running (Jan-Dec 2024). Please feel free to email us with any questions. If you'd like to register interest in applying for the 24/25 intake, please follow the link here

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Programme administrator: Alexandra FraserLink opens in a new window

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