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Assessing Student Groups

Workshop leader: Dot Powell, Warwick Business School

Collaborative learning in teams has been shown to have great benefits, including higher achievement, deeper-level learning, better communication and teamwork skills, and a better understanding of the professional environment students are preparing to join. However, team work is not always popular, particularly when grades are at stake. This session will explore the following questions:

· Why are assessed group tasks so popular in Higher Education?

· What are the characteristics of a ‘good’ task?

· How does it feel to be part of a student team?

· What strategies can we use to ensure groups stay on track?

· What about free-riders and fairness?

The session will be interactive and will (of course!) include group work.

Date: Wednesday 6th December 2017

Time: 13:00-14:30

Venue: The Oculus, Room OC0.05

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Alignment with UKPSF


A3: Assess and give feedback to learners

More info: UK Professional Standards Framework


Dot Powell

dot powell

After an extensive career as a teacher, teacher trainer and curriculum manager, Dot Powell worked as an educational consultant from 2004 to 2011, supporting many organisations within the learning and skills and schools sectors with the development of qualifications for teachers and others. Following three years as a Project Manager for an educational website at the British Council, she joined Warwick Business School in 2014, where she is a Teaching and Learning Consultant. She is working towards a PhD in business and management, with her main research focussing on the use of peer assessment in virtual teams.