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Conceptual Understanding of Student Engagement

In recent years discussions about student engagement have ranged from focussing on engagement in the classroom, to engagement in the strategic and academic development of the student learning experience. Whilst some of the debate has been steered by national policy developments (such as the introduction of higher fee loans) others were more pedagogically driven, or related to a rethinking of what makes a University. Gwen van der Velden who has undertaken research in this area, but is also involved with policy development at national level, will set out a number of the concepts and share some of her insights into the relationships between students, staff and the institution that develop as a consequence of embracing one or another concept of student engagement.


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This presentation on the theme of student engagement will be delivered by Gwen van der Velden, Director of Learning & Teaching Enhancement at the University of Bath. She has more than 20 years experience in higher education. She has worked at the Radboud University (Netherlands) until 1995, University of Kent until 2006 and the University of Bath since then, leading teams of academic staff developers, student learning advisors, quality officers, e-learning developers and teaching innovators. Gwen holds various national roles including membership of the HEFCE Steering group for the review of the National Student Survey and Information Provision for Students, the HEFCE/NUS initiative Steering Group for the Student Engagement Partnership Unit, Planning Executive of the Standing Conference for Academic Practice (SCAP) (since 2007), Planning group member and former chair of the Heads of Educational Development Group (since 2005), former Chair of the Learning, Teaching and Quality Network of the 1994 Group (since 2010), Jorum Steering Group (since 2011), QAA Advisory Group on Student Engagement (2012). Gwen is also internationally active, specifically with India through the British Council, including visits, workshops and presentations on e-Learning, quality management and organisational change.


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