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Morning Keynote Speaker

Professor Carol Evans 

Visiting Professorial Fellow, University of Southampton, UK; Honorary Visiting Professor, Cardiff University, UK.


Keynote address 

10.15am -11am 

Maximising the effectiveness of assessment 

In this keynote session, I will draw on the Equity, Agency and Transparency (EAT) Assessment FrameworkLink opens in a new window to provide an overview of current directions in assessment and feedback research within higher education. I will highlight the importance of an integrated approach to assessment underpinned by a substantial research base and evidence of effective use in practice. The EAT Framework which has been derived from ongoing systematic analysis of research and utilisation in practice draws on research on individual differences in learning, self-regulation, and agentic engagement, and has proven highly relevant across different cultural, disciplinary and professional contexts. In reviewing effective practice, I will unpack key concepts and demonstrate their utility in practice. The approach is very much focused on how to engage with students as partners in assessment.  


Keynote workshop  

11am – 12.30pm  

Exploring inclusive assessment  

In this workshop we will explore different conceptions of what inclusive assessment is and the key constructs implicated in this. Alignment with the direction of travel of the Warwick Curriculum will be demonstrated, and especially in how you can construct assessment to support equality of opportunity and equal chances for all students to do well. The focus will be on how to apply inclusive ideas in practice and how to effectively evaluate the impact of initiatives. Colleagues will be invited to share key questions, illustrate specific context needs, and develop action plans to support investigation of a key area of interest.  

The workshop is relevant for any colleague who wishes to enhance their assessment and feedback practice utilising effective research to ensure an efficient approach to managing assessment with colleagues and students. The session is relevant to individuals and teams, and at different starting points. We will also begin to discuss scaling up approaches with the potential for further work around building effective assessment teams. 


Professor Carol Evans - biography

Carol is a leading expert in research-informed assessment practices and inclusive pedagogies. Before moving back to the UK, Professor Evans was Pro Vice-Chancellor (Learning and Teaching) at Griffith University (Australia), and recent positions she has held prior to that include Professor and Co-Director of Southampton’s Centre for Higher Education. Carol has worked at the universities of Exeter, Durham, and the Kent, Surrey and Sussex Deanery in London, and served as the first UK Vice President of the International Federation of National Teaching Fellows (IFNTF).  

Carol is currently a non-executive board member at the University of Bournemouth, an honorary visiting professor at Cardiff University and professorial fellow at the University of Southampton in addition to being editor-in-chief of Higher Education Pedagogies. Carol advises on national and international educational initiatives and has achievements of National Teaching Fellow and Principal Fellow, in addition to Collaborative and Spotlight Awards for Teaching Excellence (CATE) from Advance HE. She has produced world-leading research in assessment and individual differences including two highly successful interdisciplinary research projects within and across universities funded by the UK Government's Office for Students. Her inclusive Assessment Framework (EAT)Link opens in a new window promoting equity, agency and transparency in assessment has been successfully applied within UK and international contexts. Her latest work with Transforming Access and Student Outcomes in Higher Education (TASO) and the University of Lincoln focuses on What Works to Reduce Equality Gaps for Disabled Students. 

Recent works include:  

Dec, 2021  

Evans, C. (2020). (Extended Version). Enhancing assessment feedback practice in higher education: The EAT FrameworkLink opens in a new window. Creative Media, University of Birmingham, UK. 

Waring, M., & Evans, C. (2015). Understanding pedagogy: Developing a critical approach to teaching and learning. Abingdon, Oxford, United Kingdom: Routledge