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National Teaching Fellowship 2019

National recognition for the highest standards of teaching at the University continues with Advance HE's announcement that Prof Jo Angouri (Centre for Applied Linguistics) and Prof Colin Macdougall (Warwick Medical School) have been awarded a National Teaching Fellowship (NTF). These two exceptional educators join our existing group of National Teaching Fellows (NTFs) at Warwick.

Prof Jo Angouri Prof Colin Macdougall

Professor Jo Angouri's vision for student empowerment focuses on creating the conditions and support for students to successfully undertake original projects and disseminate their work beyond academia from a very early stage. Jo believes it is important to weave into the fabric of her students' academic experience the development of a research mindset and skills, whilst at the same time enabling them to apply their knowledge to real world challenges. Read more

Professor Colin Macdougall's contribution to enhancing medical education at the University of Warwick, as well as nationally and internationally, is highly significant both in terms of its depth and breadth. Throughout his career he has been at the forefront of reimagining and enhancing the learner experience in academic and clinical contexts, and his contribution to the development of apprenticeship pedagogy in clinical contexts has been deeply influential both at Warwick and beyond. Read more