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How the Awards Work

Because nominees for the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme (NTFS) will usually be selected from winners of the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence the awards are designed to fit with the criteria of the national scheme.

The awards are operate in two stages:

Stage One Nominations

  • Nominations may be submitted by both students and staff following the nomination criteria and guidance provided in the form.
  • Ensure that the relevant people have signed the nomination form. Further information can be found on the relevant webpages.
  • Return the form to the Learning and Development Centre either electronically, via email: ext 73109 or through internal post to Linda Pettifor.
  • A panel of judges will evaluate all stage one nominations and select up to 10 nominees to proceed to the final round. All nominees will be contacted at this point to be informed of the outcome.

Stage Two Finalists

  • Once you have been informed that your nomination was successful you should complete the Finalist Supporting Statement form, ensuring that you follow the guidance provided.
  • Your supporting statement should be no more than 3000 words and should address the criteria in more detail.
  • Your Head of Department will also need to provide a supporting statement of 500 to 750 words
  • Return the form to the Learning and Development Centre either electronically to ext 73109 or through internal post to Linda Pettifor.

Winners will be notified of the panel's decision, and the announcements will be made on this website and through Insite.

The winners will be invited to attend the summer Degree Congregation to receive their awards.

As part of our commitment to raising the profile of teaching excellence in the university winners and commendees will be expected to disseminate their teaching activities more widely in collaboration with LDC. The format of this is flexible, for example: a short video interview, articles, presentations at university events, facilitating workshops etc. Any content generated may be added to the WATE webpages and used in other publicity materials.

A reception is held in the following Autumn Term for all winners and commendees.