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Lucy Cullingford

Lucy Cullingford will be working as the Warwick\RSC Fellow in Creativity and Performance at the CAPITAL Centre from January to April 2010 on a project titled Interrogating the Renaissance through Dance. Lucy has worked as a movement practitioner at the Royal Shakespeare Company for two years and most recently worked as Movement Director on A Tender Thing. She also assisted on The Grain Store. She has worked as a choreographer, dancer and movement teacher in drama schools in London.

Lucy's interest is in exploring a kinaesthetic understanding of the Renaissance through Shakespeare’s plays and the social dances of the period. The project aims to interrogate the Renaissance worldview through a series of practical workshops. The belief in balance and harmony, the four humours, the connection to body and soul and the manifestation of these beliefs mirrored within the structure of the Renaissance dances placing emphasis on exploring attitudes to the body.

She will be running a series of workshops during her Fellowship and is hoping to work with members of the University who wish to explore Shakespeare and the Renaissance through a theatre practice with specific relevance to movement-based practice.


Lucy is leading a workshop every two weeks from the beginning of the Spring Term looking at a social dance from the period, in total five dances. These workshops aim to unlock the form, in order to make a deeper kinaesthetic connection to the Renaissance world. The outcome of the workshops will be presented in the form of a choreographed piece also involving professional actors/dancers and to be performed in a local period location.


Master Class in Elizabethan Dance

Renaissance Dance and the Body

Thursday 18 March 9.30-11.30am, CAPITAL Studio

As part of Lucy Cullingford's Warwick/RSC Fellowship project in Renaissance dance and the body Ian Brener a choreographer and historical dance specialist will be leading a master class in Renaissance dance

The session will focus on dances of the Elizabethan period such as The galliard and The pavan and other measures. We will also look at the dances with reference to Shakespeare's plays.

The session will be fun and informal but an opportunity to embody the physical language of this period through the dances.


Please email Lucy to book a place and confirm attendance or

Please note that the session will be filmed as an educational record for the CAPITAL Centre.