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Tony Howard

Tony Howard

Specialisms: Shakespeare in performance; contemporary British drama; and East European poetry and theatre.

Tony Howard held a Warwick\RSC Fellowship in Creativity and Performance in 2008, working on Paul Robeson the actor, singer and poltical activist.

Publishes on Shakespearan performance in its social and political contexts, especially in the mass media, and is currently completing The Cambridge Introduction to Shakespeare on Film. His Women as Hamlet: Performance and Interpretation in Theatre, Film and Fiction (Cambridge 2007) includes studies of the shifting relationship of Shakespeare, culture and gender in Britain, America, Weimar Germany, Stalinist Russia, and Poland and East Germany during the fall of Communism. Acts of War (1996), co-edited with John Stokes, explores the representation of military conflict in postwar British stage and television drama. Edited and co-translated Tadeusz Rozewicz's selected plays: Reading The Apocalypse in Bed (1998). With Barbara Bogocek he has translated several selections of Polish poetry, including: Ewa Lipska, Poet? Criminal? Madman? (1991), White Strawberries (2000) and Pet Shops (2002); Tadeusz Rozewicz, recycling (2001); Maria Pawlikowska, Butterflies (2000). Plays, adaptations and translations performed in many London theatres.

Welcomes suggestions for postgraduate research in contemporary drama and performance history.