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Academic Events


Friday 27th November 1-6pm CAPITAL Studio


...can't stop the stream

...and the whole brain begging

...something begging in the brain'

(from Not I by Samuel Beckett)

An interdisciplinary workshop to explore the work of Samuel Beckett through performance, presentation and discussion.

A lively exchange between scholars and practitioners from theatrical, medical, literary and neuroscientific backgrounds.

A unique event hosted by The CAPITAL Centre in collaboration with Fail Better Productions, the Warwick English Department, Warwick Medical School, and the Centre for the History of Medicine.

"Beckett’s investigations in neurology and psychology, and his representations of the disordered mind and its encounter with society, contribute to and enrich our understanding of changing notions of the mind. The exploration of language pathologies, unconventional experiences of space and time, absent or heightened subjectivity, the experience of social stigma, and the role of humour in extreme situations, are just a few of the topics familiar to Beckett scholars that are of interest to academic researchers in psychiatry, philosophy and drama, and also to clinicians, carers and those working in the field of mental health." (Elizabeth Barry and Matthew Broome)

For more information about this event, please email Jonathan Heron (CAPITAL Research Associate and Artistic Director of Fail Better Productions) at

Attendance is my invitation or registration only. Limtied spaces are available. Please email Jonathan to reserve a place.

On Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th December, Fail Better will be performing Stasis: Beckett Shorts in Oxford. Book here.