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Student performance events

The CAPITAL Centre had resources to support student drama. We invited submissions from individuals and groups from any area of the university, and were particularly keen to encourage people working outside existing drama groups.

CAPITAL's sponsored productions and events were expected to support and demonstrate an active connection between student drama and the curriculum, they had an emphasis on learning experiences and were interdisciplinary. Proposals that engaged with learning through performance were sought, including:

  • Continuation of an idea that came out of an academic course.
  • Performance of a set text or course-related text.
  • New writing connected to academic work.
  • A performance responding to CAPITAL speakers, workshops or events, or to local productions.
  • Collaborative work that explored the process of learning through performance.

Submissions did not have to be for complete productions. Work-in-progress, rehearsed readings and workshops were welcomed: process can be as valuable as final performance. The CAPITAL Centre was willing to consider a variety of projects.

Past projects included:

All projects sponsored by CAPITAL were expected to create learning materials that could be made available for public use on our website. This had the advantage of giving a production longevity beyond its initial run, and also, through CAPITAL's research into creativity and performance in teaching and learning, fed into wider discussions about the importance of practical work to the student learning experience. To support this element, all productions were expected to have an academic mentor, who had an academic interest in the production and liaised with the group on the learning outcomes of the project. All productions were required to have a mentor in order to be considered for support.

Support provided:

Productions taking place in the CAPITAL Centre benefited in the following ways:

* Free performance space
* Free technical support with fit-up etc.
* Up to £200 in financial support

* Publicity through CAPITAL facebook group, mailing lists and website