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Footsbarn Theatre


Footsbarn Travelling Theatre is one of the world’s leading touring companies performing for the most part in one of its circus big tops but also in theatres thoughout the world. Renowned for its exciting adaptations of classics such as Shakespeare & Moliere transcending the barrier of language with its unique blend of visual theatre, music and magic.

In thirty five years, Footsbarn has produced nearly 60 plays and travelled to the six Continents and is a truley multi-national group. The actors possess a multiplicity of talents and theatrical techniques all of which inhabit and enrich every performance.


Interview with Joseph Cunningham

(plays Oberon and Flute)


Interview with Vincent Gracieux

(plays Quince and Demetrius)


Interview with Muriel Piquart

(plays Helena and Peaseblossom)

Audio clips of an interview with company members

Murial Piquart and Vincent Gracieux

 joseph preview Joseph Cunningham - Oberon/ Francis Flute


vincent preview  Vincent Gracieux - Demetrius/ Peter Quince


 paddy preview Paddy Hayter - Lysander/ Nick Bottom


 caroline preview Caroline Piette - Hermia/ Changeling Boy


murial preview  Muriel Piquart - Helena/ Peaseblossom


mas preview  Mas Soegeng - Puck/Snug


akemi preview  Akemi Yamauchi - Titania