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The Man Who Committed Thought with Patrice Naiambana

Patrice Naiambana, CAPITAL Fellow of Creativity and a member of the RSC Histories company, presented his one-man play The Man Who Committed Thought, at the University of Warwick Chaplaincy at 2pm on Monday April 23. The play had previously won the prestigious Edinburgh Fringe First award.

"Patrice Naiambana uses a humorous contemporary storytelling style of African Theatre to present the tale of an African lawyer much attached to the Queen and Shakespeare who is caught up in a dangerous search for truth in war torn, post-colonial Lion Mountain. Mamadou the determined peasant fearlessly seeks justice for his beloved cow which has been eaten by a greedy dictator. Challenged by Mamadou's brave committment, the intitially indifferent lawyer embarks on a searing self-examination and commits thought. Is it all in vain? The Man Who Committed Thought is inspired by the courage and humour of the citizens of Africa and all those who have dared to challenge ignorance and oppression. Naiambana has created a highly literate piece of physical, African Theatre not to be missed."

"Packs more power into its 80 minutes than most would-be writers manage in a lifetime... You are left gasping for breath" - The Scotsman

"Brilliantly, honestly, fearlessly challenging the status quo" - Three Weeks

The event packed out the Chaplaincy, with over 150 students and staff coming to the free performance and post-show talk.