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CIM welcomes IAS Residential Fellow Dr Andreas Birkbak

CIM welcomes Dr Andreas Birkbak (Aalborg University, Copenhagen) as IAS Residental Fellow

The Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies is delighted to welcome Dr Andreas Birkbak (Aalborg University (AAU), Copenhagen) as an IAS Residental Fellow during Summer Term 2018.

Andreas Birkbak is an Assistant Professor in the Techno-Anthropology Group in the Department of Learning and Philosophy at AAU. His principal research interest is digital transformations of publics and the public sphere. He holds an MSc in Social Science of the Internet (University of Oxford), and an MSc and BSc in Sociology (University of Copenhagen), and was previously a visiting PhD scholar at the Centre for the Sociology of Innovation at Ecole des Mines and the médialab at Sciences Po. He recently published a book on digital methods with Anders Munk (2017) and research articles in Science as Culture, Computational Culture, Techné, and Design Issues.

While at CIM, Andreas will collaborate with Noortje Marres and colleagues in the Public Data Labto research digital fact-checking methodologies. On May 9-10, they will run a data sprint event that will implement an experimental fact-checking protocol relying on search engine and social media data analysis.

Tue 01 May 2018, 13:06