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CIM's mission is to conduct world-class research by pioneering, testing and promoting interdisciplinary methods and approaches.

Our world faces pressing issues that cannot be adequately understood or addressed within the framework of a single discipline. The research we do at CIM takes a distinctive approach to this challenge: we work across disciplines including those do not normally speak to each other by focusing on methods, and methodological innovation. Bringing together scholars and researchers from across the humanities, social sciences and sciences, CIM’s research addresses emergent questions and enables new dialogues across fields, and across science and society, through the development of methods and methodologies.

We design critical and reflexive approaches to data collection and analysis, and make use of inventive methods including experiments in participation, crowd-sourced data collection, collaboratories, digital mapping, DIY sensors, data visualisation, field recording, apps and art installations. Our research is a catalyst for the design and development of digital tools and interfaces which we host and build in-house, which feedback into the development of advanced training in interdisciplinary methodology, and we collaborate with a wide range of academic and non-academic partners.

CIM staff are and have been involved in the following research projects: