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Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies

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New paper: The difference a method makes: methods as epistemic objects in computational science
The difference a method makes: methods as epistemic objects in computational science

Matt Spencer


Computational science is intrinsi…

New paper: Multi-Situated App Studies: Methods and Propositions

This article discusses methodological approaches to app studies, focusing on their embeddedness and situatedness within multiple infrastruct…

Self-Recognition in Data-Visualization

This article explores how readers recognize their personal identities represented through data visualizations. Starting from The Course of R…

Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Modules
We offer a variety of modules for students in our Master's Programmes as well as others in the Warwick community.

CIM Blog

Where Do We Go From Here? Lines Of Sight In The Digital Humanities (And Computational Sciences)

'Rather than being a simple ‘power up’ for intellectual work, computers and digital technologies are augmenting academia...'

Geographies of technology? Space and the materialisation of devices

'An interdisciplinary research centre necessarily challenges disciplined norms, presumably if only sometimes to further entrench them...'

This is a... toilet

'I am currently working on a project called ‘People Like You: Contemporary Figures of Personalisation’, funded by the Wellcome Trust...'

Put to the Test: Critical Evaluations of Testing

'Pregnancy, space discovery, financial institutions, electronic music, development aid, international migration and zoo design are rarely, if ever, discussed at the same workshop...'

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