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The Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies (CIM) was established at Warwick in 2012 to foster innovative and experimental knowledge production through a sustained focus on methodology. CIM is dedicated to expanding the role of interdisciplinary methods through new lines of inquiry that cut across disciplinary boundaries, both intellectually and institutionally.

Method is central to the formation and transformation of disciplinary knowledge, and the challenge of working across and between disciplines is both exciting and pressing.

Our research team is drawn from across the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences, with expertise in a variety of substantive domains.

We have developed a suite of cutting-edge postgraduate coursesLink opens in a new window to train researchers for the 21st century. They include: MA in Digital Media and Culture, MSc in Big Data and Digital Futures, MASc in Visualisation and a PhD programme in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Within Warwick, CIM is an advocate of interdisciplinary research and study. Beyond Warwick and beyond the academy, CIM explores new forms of public engagement, both with potential research users and with the experts, experimenters and institutions in business, civil society and government that are at the forefront of applied methodological innovation.