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European Study Groups with Industry 2016

ESGI 116

The European Study Group with Industry is a five-day long workshop where mathematicians and industrialists worked together to solve some of the real and important issues that companies are facing nowadays. A team of 11 PhD students and academics from the Complexity Centre and the MathSys CDT took part in the 116th ESGI which was held at the University of Durham.

During the first day, the industrial partners presented the problems and the participants decided which one to work on. We were impressed by the variety of problems ranging from finding better ways to plan field trials to improving the accuracy of pre-symptomatic diagnosis of sepsis.

It was a great experience to be part of this study group, where we got a glimpse of the broad range of mathematical problems that can have a real impact on industry and society. We had the amazing opportunity to meet and work with academics and PhD students from all over the world, and found that getting out of the comfort zone of your PhD can be fun and inspiring.

We look forward to hosting ESGI at the University of Warwick next year!

Iliana Peneva, first year MathSys PhD student

Fri 06 May 2016, 14:39