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First PhD Graduates

Copy of dsc_0007.jpgWednesday the 18th of July 2012 saw the first PhD Graduates from the Centre of Complexity Science be awarded their PhDs at the University of Warwick Graduation Ceremony.

(L-R) Dr Paul Chleboun, Dr Steven Hill and Dr Jamie Luo all celebrated thier success with family, freinds and colleagues from the Centre after the formal ceremony at the University.

They have all chosen to continue thier work in the field of Complexity Science with Postdoctoral positions at The University of Exeter (Dr Luo), The Universita Roma Tre (Dr Chleboun) and The Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam (Dr Hill).

The Centre for Complexity Science offers them heartfelt congratulations on receiving thier PhDs and wishes them the best for their future careers.

Thu 02 August 2012, 11:15