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Complexity Forum: Charo del Genio (Warwick)

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Location: D1.07

Speaker: Charo del Genio (Warwick Mathematics Institute and Warwick Centre for Complexity Science)

Title: Complexity science - Linking mathematics, physics and informatics


Complexity science is a powerful tool to gain deeper insight into systems of importance to our society. Its fields of applications are continuously increasing, ranging from epidemiology to economics. The network model, at the interface between mathematics, statistical physics and computer science, is one of its very successful approaches to the investigation of complex systems.
I will review my recent studies in the field, involving methods, models, and fundamental theoretical results. In particular, I will give an overview of methods for constrained sampling of directed and undirected graphs, results in structural properties of scale-free networks and development of toy models of adaptive social dynamics, and I will outline several ongoing research projects.

Lunch group: None - catered lunch this week

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