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Complexity Forum: Stefan Thurner (Medical University of Vienna)

Location: D1.07

Speaker: Stefan Thurner, Section for Science of Complex Systems, Medical University of Vienna

Title: Human Behavioral Laws derived from a Multiplex Data of a Large-Scale Computer Game Society


The capacity to collect fingerprints of individuals in online media has revolutionized the way researchers explore social systems. Such systems can often be described in terms of large, complex multiplex networks. Much emphasis has been put on the existence or absence of interactions between actors, as well as their possible strength or directionality, but the nature of these interactions has been overlooked in most empirical studies, mainly because it is usually unavailable in large-scale data. In this talk I present an analysis of a large-scale social network of a computer game society where different types of one-to-one interactions can be identified: friendship, enmity, communication, trade, bounty and war. Based on these multiplex networks, we present a series of findings in regularities in human interaction patterns,and the role of interacting social networks in the organization of the social system. We present a first large-scale verification of structural balance theory and provide first results of the nature of streams of human actions - a human behavioral code.

Lunch group: 4

Tags: forum

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