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Track C - Interacting Populations and Environment

Session 1 - Monday 21.09 / 10:50-12:30 (MS.05)
10:50-11:10 Introduction by Markus Kirkilionis (track chair)
11:10-12:10 Matt Keeling (invited lecture) - The Complexities of Predicting Pandemic Influenza
Session 2 - Monday 21.09 / 14:00-16:00 (MS.05)
14:00-14:40 Agata Fronczak - Origins of Taylor's power law for fuctuation scaling in complex systems
14:40-15:00 Thomas House - Complex network structure and transmission dynamics
15:00-15:20 Bahaa Abdel Hamid - Disease outbreak dynamics: modelling and simulation for complex realities
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Session 3 - Friday 25.09 / 10:30-12:30 (MS.05)

10:30-10:50 Christel Kamp - The impact of concurrent and transient contacts on HIV epidemics
10:50-11:10 Dominic Jones - How interaction between co-evolving agents shape temporal mode and structure of the interaction network in a simple ecological mode
21:10-11:30 Chiara Poletto - Worldwide spread of the unfolding swine flu epidemic:early assessment and predictions
11:30-11:50 Andrea Parisi - Correlations and stochastic fluctuations in the SIR model
11:50-12:10 Mark P. Barrow - Challenges arising during the Analysis of Crude Oils and Environmental samples