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Complexity Summer School 2013

Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, complex systems and complex networks

Monday 29.4. - Wednesday 1.5.

Organizers: Charo I del Genio, Stefan Grosskinsky, Rosemary Harris (QMUL)

The school is organized jointly with the School of Mathematics, Queen Mary, University of London. There will be 4 short lecture series covering topics in non-equilibrium statistical mechanics, complex systems and complex networks.

  • Tibor Antal (Edinburgh)
    biological applications
  • Ginestra Bianconi (Queen Mary, London)
    complex networks and their applications
  • Tobias Galla (Manchester)
    theoretical background on non-equilibrium systems, including aspects of game theory
  • Vivien Lecomte (Paris)

    Theoretical background on large deviation functions (LDFs). Construction of population algorithms allowing to simulate rare events and evaluate LDFs. Applications to systems presenting a dynamical phase transition (such as exclusion processes and glass models such as Kinetically Constrained Models).

Programme and links to notes and slides
Lecture recordings

The school is aimed for postgraduate PhD and MSc students. We have a limited number of bursaries for external participants, to apply for one of these please use the registration link below.

Thu 2.5. to Fri 3.5. there is a related workshop on Interacting Particle Models in the Physical, Biological and Social Sciences.


Travel Information

Warwick University is in Coventry!

See here for full travel information.


The school is co-funded by the EPSRC NetworkPlus:
Emergence and Physics Far From Equilibrium