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Travel Information and food

All Summer School events will be taking place in the Zeeman Building, which is Building 38 on the University of Warwick Campus Map. Travelling to the University is easy, the nearest train station in Coventry train station, and there are frequest bus routes form the station to the Campus, or you can get a taxi from the station to the campus. More information about travelling to the University can be found here.

Directions to the Centre for Complexity Science Common Room in the Zeeman Building for Tea, Coffee and Lunch and Dinner Breaks can be found by clicking this link.

Directions to the Zeeman Building and more information about the Mathematics Institute where talks and lectures will be taking place can be found here.

Directions to the University can be found here and information about Car Parking is online here.

Delegates who have been booked accoodation have been booked into Radcliffe House, our on-campus Conference accomodation. More inofrmation about Radcliffe House can be found online here and directions on how to get to Radcliffe house can be found online here.


Breakfast is icluded for those delegates who have accomodation booked on campus.

There will be tea and coffe breaks in the moring and afternoon of each day of the Summer School and a cold lunch will be served each day.

There will also be a hot dinner served for Summer School Delegates in the centre for Complexity Science Common Room from 18:00 on Monday the 29th April 2013.

Options for eating on campus for other nights of the Summer School can be found here. There are also two pubs, the Varsity (next to car park 16 on the Campus Map) and the Dirty Duck in the Student Union (Bld 62 on the Campus Map).