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Board Meeting Agenda

14.00-16.00, Weds 21 May 2008, Maths B1.01 1. Director’s report, matters arising 2. Chair of Complexity complex’s report, matters arising 3. Strategy questions for the DTC, e.g. studentships for non-UK citizens, links with end-users, links with other Complexity Centres, enlarging the scope to include economics, business, social science 4. Strategy questions for the Complexity Complex, e.g. how to make a distinctive mark internationally, raising grants for post-docs, tackling complexity in social science, link with Boston University, how to influence ERAnet in Complexity Science, developing links with end-users. 5. Strategic Research Opportunities, e.g. are there promising areas that we are neglecting, or areas we should drop? 6. Formulation of advice and feedback 7. Any other business