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ECCS09 Committees

Conference Organising Chair:

Markus Kirkilionis (University of Warwick)

Conference Programme Chair:

Francois Kepes (Genopole)

Complex Systems Society International Steering Cttee

(Members 2006-2011, corrected after latest election (Dec. 2008)):

Markus Kirkilionis (Warwick; Chair 2008-10), Fatihcan Atay (Leipzig), Jürgen Jost (Leipzig), Scott Kirkpatrick (Jerusalem), David Lane (University of Modena and Reggio Emillia), Andreas Lorincz (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Denise Pumain (Sorbonne), Felix Reed-Tsochas (Oxford), Eörs Szathmáry (Collegium Budapest, Hungary), Stephan Thurner (Wien), Paul Verschure (Barcelona), Alessandro Vespignani (Indiana, ISI), Riccardo Zecchina (Torino).

ECCS09 Programme Cttee:

Francois Kepes (Genopole; Chair), Paul Bourgine (Paris), Jeff Johnson (OU), Sorin Solomon (Hebrew Univ.), Markus Kirkilionis, Robin Ball (Warwick). The different ECCS'09 tracks are organised by

  • Track A, Policy, Planning & Infrastructure: Jeff Johnson (OU, Chair), Arnaud Banos (Strasbourg).
  • Track B, Collective Human Behaviour and Society: Felix Reed-Tsochas (Oxford, Chair), Frances Griffiths (Warwick), Edmund Chattoe-Brown (Leicester)
  • Track C, Interacting Populations and Environment: Markus Kirkilionis (Warwick, Chair)
  • Track D, Complexity and Computer Science: András Lörincz (Eötvös Loránd University, Chair), Paul Verschure (Zürich)
  • Track E, From Molecules to Living Systems: Mark Chaplain (Dundee, Chair), Wolfgang Marwan (Magdeburg)
  • Track F, Mathematics and Simulation: Holger Kantz (Dresden, Chair), Fatihcan Atay (Leipzig), Matteo Marsili(Trieste)

ECCS09 Local Organising Cttee:

(all Warwick if not stated otherwise)

Christopher Zeeman FRS (Honorary Chair), Markus Kirkilionis (Chair), Robert MacKay, Robin Ball, Jeff Johnson (OU).

Complexity Complex: Colm Connaughton, Stefan Grosskinsky, Vassili Kolokoltsov, Sach Mukherjee, Mario Nicodemi, Ellak Somfai, Yulia Timofeeva.

Departmental links:

Biology: Colin Robinson

Business School: Yasmin Merali

Chemistry: Andrew Marsh

Computer Science: Feng, Jianfeng

Economics: Jonathon Cave

Medicine: Frances Griffiths

Statistics: Jim Smith

Systems Biology: David Wild

Poster Prize committee:

Francois Kepes (Genopole, Chair)

Fatihcan Atay (Leipzig)

Paul Bourgine (Paris)

Paul Verschure (Barcelona)