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21-25 September 2009, University of Warwick, UK

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the success of ECCS09.

    Conference Tracks:

    • Track A: Policy, Planning & Infrastructure
      Policymaking; Urban Planning; Internet; Transport & Power Networks; Medical & Health Systems.
    • Track B: Collective Human Behaviour and Society
      Economics & Finance; Sociology; Psychology; Game Theory.
    • Track C: Interacting Populations and Environment
      Climate Change; Pollution; Demography; Ecology; Epidemiology.
    • Track D: Complexity and Computer Science.
      Robotics; Grids, Clouds & Novel Computing; Ubiquitous Computing.
    • Track E: From Molecules to Living Systems
      Self-assembly & Self-organisation; Neuroscience; Cell, Developmental and Systems Biology; Genetics; Medicine & Physiology.
    • Track F: Mathematics and Simulation
      Mathematics; Modelling; Simulation; Theoretical Physics.

    Important Dates:

    Benefits of attending ECCS'09:

    • Reputable International conference covering all branches of complex systems theory.
    • Opportunity to publish high-quality papers in different independent journals.
    • High-profile presentations by top researchers in complexity science .
    • Low registration fee tailored to support scientists of all ages and background.