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Invited Speakers

Invited Speakers by Tracks:
  • Policy, Planning & Infrastructure
    Policymaking; Urban Planning; Internet; Transport & Power Networks; Medical & Health Systems.

 Michael Batty (University College London)

  • Collective Human Behaviour and Society
    Economics & Finance; Sociology; Psychology; Game Theory.

 Dirk Helbing (ETH Zürich)

 Nigel Gilbert (Surrey)

  • Interacting Populations and Environment
    Climate Change; Pollution; Demography; Ecology; Epidemiology.

 Peter Cox (Exeter) - Public Session

  • Complexity and Computer Science
    Robotics; Grids, Clouds & Novel Computing; Ubiquitous Computing.

David Hales (Delft University of Technology) - Invited main talk
Title: BitTorrent - from swarms to collectives

 Jürgen Jost, Eckehard Olbrich, Nils Bertschinger (Max Planck Institute) - Invited long talk
Title: Can Robots Communicate?

Gábor Terstyánszky (University of Westminster)
- Invited long talk
Title: Creating Complex Systems by Integrating Desktop and Service Grids
Sabrine Hauert (EPFL) - Invited long talk
Title: Swarms of Flying Robots for Communication Networks

  Michele Sebag (INRIA, Saclay) - Invited long talk
Title: Learning in swarms

 Katalin Lazar (Eotvos Lorand University) - Invited short talk
Title: A formal Language Theoretic Approach to Distributed Computing on Dynamic Networks

 Marti Sanchez (Pompeu Fabra University) - Invited long talk
Title: An allostatic control model for robot behavior regulation

 Tony Prescott (University of Sheffield) - Invited long talk
Title: Feeling it. Exploring brain complexity through active touch in animals and robots

  Ben Paechter's Group - Invited short talk
Title: Ubiquitous computing and PerAda


  • From Molecules to Living Systems
    Self-assembly & Self-organisation; Neuroscience; Cell, Developmental and Systems Biology; Genetics; Medicine & Physiology.

 Helen Byrne (Nottingham)

  • Mathematics and Simulation
    Mathematics; Modelling; Simulation; Theoretical Physics.

 Peter Deuflhard (Zuse Institute Berlin, ZIB)

 Robert MacKay (Warwick)

Public Session on Global Problems:


 Monday, 21 September 2009

19:30 - 21:30

Warwick Arts Centre Theatre

ECCS09 Poster