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Warwick Annual Retreat Projects

As you should be aware, the format of the retreat is slightly different this year. Parts of the timetable are dedicated to the Warwick Annual Retreat Projects (WARPs) where you will collaborate with others on a chosen project in a study group style atmosphere.

The aim of these projects is to foster a collaborative atmosphere within the department, particularly between year groups. Therefore it is hoped that this format change will be both enjoyable and informative.

If you wish to propose a potential project then please add a brief problem description as a topic in the forum below, where others can express their interest and give other comments on your ideas.
This could just be a vague idea which others can help you form.


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-The problem should not be part of your PhD!
- It is encouraged that the problem proposed be sufficiently simple so that someone without domain specific knowledge could contribute.
- ~6 hours are allocated for these projects so some progress should be possible within this time-frame.
- Groups will be expected to give an informal summary at the end of the retreat and will give a presentation the Wednesday following the retreat (12:30, 11th May).