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Things to do once you've arrived

Familarise yourself with Warwick

The best place to start is the University's 'Welcome to Warwick' site which gives you all the information you need to help you find your feet.

Register for an IT account

Once your place is confirmed, register for an IT Services account. This will give you a Single Sign-on ITS Usercode and Password which you will need for accessing various systems, web pages and applications. You only need to sign in once for the day and anything else you open your sign-in details will enable you to access other programmes. The FAQ on how to register for an IT account

Additional information and support for International students joining Warwick can be be found here

Safety induction

All Warwick students are required to attend all safety induction sessions in all the Departments in which they might work. For first year Complexity/MathSys students this means a Zeeman Building session, whose schedule will be confirmed to you by email as well as in the online timetable.

For students progressing to PhD, there will be safety inductions in departments that you will be working in which are mandatory. It is your responsibility to find out the time and location for these, and attend.