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Second Year M2

1. Students will take an individual study plan of more specialised taught material in their second year, typically totalling 30 ECTS (minimum 27.5 ECTS), with the overall requirement to bring their total taught component (for the degree) up to at least 70 ECTS. In recognition that our taught modules are a mix of different ECTS credit amounts, we will allow students with a well documented record of seminar attendance to count this (formally authorised as FFR 140 Complex Systems Seminar at Gothenburg) in lieu of a shortfall of up to 5 ECTS of taught material.

Successful completion of the M2 year, and the masters requires, the following, alongside the understanding that the progression requirement from M1 to M2 have already been met:

  • to pass at least 27.5 ECTS of M2 Modules and the M2 Project, such as (possibly counting Complex Systems Seminar up to 5 ECTS) to bring their total credit to 120 ECTS at an overall standard of grade C or higher.
  • to pass a total of 70 ECTS taught credit across the M1 and M2 year at an overall standard of grade C or higher.

Each location offers a distinctive thematic group of M2 modules as follows, which students will exploit their mobility to choose between (although there will be no bar on mixing the themes). Other options are available at each node on an annual basis.

(a) Theory-based theme taught at Ecole Polytechnique for M2:

Theoretical analysis of Complex System 6 ECTS

Complex Systems Made Simple by Agent-Based Modeling 6 ECTS

Networks: Empirical results, Modeling and Dynamical Processes on Networks 4 or 6 ECTS

Networks 4 or 6 ECTS

Therapeutic evaluation: thinking in systems 4 or 6 ECTS

Open problems, seminars, Journal Club 1 or 5 ECTS

(b) Information Science theme taught at Gothenburg for M2:

Humanoid Robotics (FFR155) 7.5 ECTS

Autonomous Agents (FFR 125 ) 7.5 ECTS (Alt. at Warwick CS404 Agent Based Systems )

Cryptography (TDA351) 7.5 ECTS

Image Processing (RRY025) 7.5 ECTS

Artificial Intelligence (TIN171) 7.5 ECTS

(c) Biological theme taught at Warwick for M2:

Computational Biology (CS904) 7.5 ECTS (avail. Gothenburg as FFR 115 Comp. Biology 2)

Population Dynamics: Ecology and Epidemiology (MA4E7) 9 ECTS

Probabilistic and Statistical Inference (CO902) 6 ECTS (concentrates on bioinformatics)

Introduction to Theoretical Neuroscience (MA4G4) 9 ECTS

Mathematical models of biological systems (CH924) 6 ECTS

Topics in mathematical modelling (MA999) 6 ECTS (the topics this year are all biological)

Others at Warwick, if you have not already had an equivalent module at M1 (see also options list for MSc in Mathematics of Systems and others can be taken with director's approval):

CO923 Computational Methods for Complex Systems 9 ECTS

CO904 Statistical mechanics and its applications to complex systems 6 ECTS

IM903 Complexity in Social Sciences 9 ECTS

MA913 Scientific Computing 6 ECTS

ST911 Fundamentals of modern statistical inference 6 ECTS

CY901 high performance scentific computing 6 ECTS

CY903 Practical algorithms and data structures 6 ECTS

CH926 Molecular modelling 6 ECTS

2. M2 Project (30 ECTS). All students will conduct a 6-month research project, with preparatory work/reading in period A/B/C (depending on taught schedule) and project work in periods DEF. In addition to submitting a written report, they will make an oral presentation to the whole programme at the Projects Conference.

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