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Online Course Materials for CO904/PX439 2007

Statistical Mechanics of Complex Systems

Lecturer: Ellak Somfai


  • CO904 (Lectures and Classwork)
  • PX439 (Lectures only)


Resources for lectures

  • Timetable for lectures (2007 Autumn term):
    Tue 10-11
    PS 0.17A
    (used to be F 1.11 Engineering)
    Tue 13-14
    PS 0.17A
    (used to be B 2.13/4 Science concourse)
    Fri 09-10
    PS 1.28
    (Physical Sciences)
    Fri 14-15
    PS 1.28
  • Lecture slides:
    lecture 1-2
    granular media
    traffic models and self-propelled particles
  • Granular media:
    universality of force networks: journal paper [1]
    jamming: journal paper [2]
    segregation: journal papers [3] and [4]
    Edwards' ensemble of granular configurations: journal paper [5] and book chapter [6]
    experiment related to Edwards' ensemble: journal paper [7]
  • Traffic models:
    java applet by Martin Treiber
    journal paper: [8]
  • Self-propelled particles:
    journal papers [9] and [10]
  • Pedestrians:
    journal paper: [11]
    Lane formation: java applet by Kai Bolay
    Road crossing: java applet by Kai Bolay

Resources for classwork