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CO906 2009-2010

Viva timetable

Viva's will take place on Thursday 11-02-10 in the Complexity Workroom. Each viva will be 20 minutes long with 20 minutes to prepare two questions selected randomly from the list of questions.

These questions will form a basis for discussion in the viva but you can expect to be asked other ones too. Extra 5 minute buffers has been included between vivas in the schedule too allow for discussion of assessed work.

09:25-09:50 Sergio
09:50-10:15 Anas
10:15-10:40 Becky
10:40-11:05 Chris
11:05-11:25 break
11:25-11:50 Matt
11:50-12:15 Nick
12:15-12:40 Alistair
12:40-13:25 lunch
13:25-13:50 Yu-Xi
13:50-14:15 Leigh
14:15-14:40 Pantelis

Material in the notes which is not examiniable

  • Chap 1 : multistep methods
  • Chap 2 : Derivation of the Method of Characteristics
  • Chap 2 : Details of the solution of the ODE describing the profile of the travelling wave solution of Burgers' equation
  • Chap 2 : Details of the solution of the ODE describing the simliarity solutions of the diffusion equation
  • Chap 3 : Proof of consistency of the FTCS algorithm for the diffusion equation
  • Chap 3 : Matrix stability analysis
  • Chap 4 : Derivation of the Lax scheme for systems of conservation laws