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CO906 worksheets

Assessed work

  • There are 2 assessed worksheets. Each is broken down into three sections:
    • Section 1: Individual questions
    • Section 2 :Week 1 group questions
    • Section 3: Week 2 group questions

  • The section 1 questions should be answered individually and submitted for assessment individually (note that it not meant to imply that you cannot discuss them among yourselves). They are primarily preparation work for the more substantial section 2 and 3 questions which will require actual programming. Therefore it will be helpful to you if you can attempt (or at least think about) the section 1 questions before the corresponding class.
  • The section 2 and 3 questions should be done as groups and a single answer submitted by the group which will be marked collectively. Each worksheet covers two weeks worth of classes. Workheet 1 covers weeks 1 and 2. Worksheet 2 covers weeks 3 and 4. The section 2 questions will be discussed in the first week's classes and the section 3 questions will be discussed in the second week's classes.
  • Again, to reiterate, the fact that you are being asked to submit individual answers to the section 1 questions does not mean that you are forbidden to discuss them with your group or, indeed, with other groups!
  • I expect you to work primarily on the appropriate section 2 and 3 questions during the class sessions when I will be around to help with any technical problems.
  • I will provide a notional marking scheme for the worksheets indicating how much credit each question is worth. If I do it properly, the total marks for each sheet should be 50, totalling 100 marks for both worksheets. Taken together, the worksheets will count as 50% of the credit for the entire module with the viva accounting for the other 50%.