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CO906 Groups

The class work for this module will be done in groups. These groups will be assigned randomly ahead of time and will be permuted for each assignment in order to maximise mixing.

The groups will appear here before the appropriate worksheet is made available.

Worksheet 1

Group 1:
Fiona Hemant Alex
Group 2:
Bob Jo Erasmo
Group 3:
Adam N Helen Mostafa
Group 4:
Daniel Priyesh Adam M
Group 5:
Claudia Luis Mike
Group 6 Cherry Ben

Worksheet 2

Group 1: Fiona Mostafa Adam M
Group 2:
Jo Hemant Luis
Group 3:
Daniel Ben Bob
Group 4:
Erasmo Cherry Adam N
Group 5:
Claudia Alex Priyesh
Group 6: Helen Mike

Worksheet 3

Group 1: Hemant Fiona Helen
Group 2:
Adam M Luis Alex
Group 3:
Erasmo Daniel Mostafa
Group 4:
Jo Ben Bob
Group 5:

Claudia Cherry Mike

Group 6:

Adam N Priyesh