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CO906 Online Materials

viva Information:

Viva's will be on Tuesday March 15

2011 viva questions

Material in the printed notes which is not examinable

  • Chap 1 : multistep methods
  • Chap 2 : Derivation of the Method of Characteristics
  • Chap 2 : Travelling waves and similarity solutions
  • Chap 3 : Proof of consistency of the FTCS algorithm for the diffusion equation
  • Chap 3 : Matrix stability analysis
  • Chap 4 : Derivation of the Lax scheme for systems of conservation laws
  • Chap 4 : Details of implementation of boundary conditions for the wave equation

Material which is not in the printed notes which is examinable

  • boundary value problems for ODE's and the shooting method
  • relaxation methods for elliptic PDEs